Week in Review: Random Realizations

May 29, 2017

It is Monday once again. This week I want to share realizationss that occurred to me as I went thru my week. If you too want to get your listing on, check out Meghan's Week in Review!

I hope you have enjoyed and continue to enjoy this long Memorial Day weekend. Speaking of, this brings me to my first realization, this holiday's true commemoration often goes forgotten. Honestly and sadly, at work we were trying to remember what Memorial Day was for. We get wrapped up with the special sales or the fact that there's no work/class. So I just want to take this time to thank all those who sacrificed their lives serving our country. 

There is something magical about eating outside. First I met up with my mother dear for lunch during her break on Wednesday. Unfortunately, parking was absolutely terrible where we had planned on going and ended up at Central Market (kinda like a Texas-only Whole Foods).

I also realized that there are gorgeous parks hidden in the midst of my suburb city. So I went out to picnic by myself. Brought Greek style sweet potatoes slightly inspired by this recipe and walked around with Katie Dalebout's podcast. By the way, thank you again Cora for always being my forever inspiration. (I hope you don't mind my constant "copying" you 😉)

Finally, my dad's cousin was in town so we took him out to true Texas brisket. They have a giant woodshed smoker and everything. But boy was it hot! I realized I could never work there, could never handle that heat. Coming from me who LOVES the heat--I shower with hot water even during the summer--, this is definitely saying something!

I am more basic than I thought. When your Saturday consists of: yoga in the morning, a quick visit to the farmer's market where and buying a growler of kombucha, work at a vegan bakery.

On that note, free pastries are a perk of working the closing shift especially before a long weekend. I started training at my new summer job as a cashier. I continue training this week by shadowing others then officially start on Saturday!

Even with the wonders of social media in today's world, nothing can top hearing someone's voice. 💕 Phoned my grandparents on Monday and Google "hungout" with my best friends individually on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Pottery paints strangely resemble condiments. I put my creative hat on and finally got a bowl and vase I made glazed after almost a year of first spinning them on the wheel.

College textbooks are expensive. Not necessarily a new realization but reminded of this when I purchased my summer textbooks. I also sold my old ones plus some other books to a used bookstore. Received much less than I was expecting to. Less than $30 for 6 books when I probably spent more 5 times that amount for them! 😩 Better than nothing though. 

I am a slow blueberry picker. Despite the cloudy skies on Saturday, we quickly visited a family farm for blueberry picking. I say quickly because it was closing in 30 minutes after we arrived. Oopsies! I barely filled half a bucket (about 1 pint). As I told myself, quality over quantity. Anywho, we now have a buttload of blueberries. Time for all the muffins, pancakes, doughnuts, scones, oatmeal, etc!  If you have any blueberry recipes you want to share, please do! 

Fairy tales are pretty dark. 🙈 🙉 🙊  Watched what was the last stop of the Into the Woods tour in downtown last night. Despite knowing the storyline ahead of time, it was striking to see it played out on stage. For example, did you know that in the original Cinderella story, the step sisters cut the toes off to fit into the glass shoe? Or that little Red Riding Hood was actually eaten by the wolf and later cut out of and saved by the huntsman? Even the 2014 film was lightened up compared to the musical or as I like to call it "Disney-fied." 

What did you realize this past week?
Have you ever gone fruit/veggie picking? 
What's your favorite fairy tale?

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  1. That sounds like an overall really lovely week. Especially all the socialising with many different people. Discovering hidden parks and taking yourself out on a picnic? Fabulous idea!
    Actually, I knew these original parts of the Disney fairytales. Maybe that means they were changed only in "recent" years [obviously not that I'm old ;)]. I can't pick a favourite. Which is yours?

    1. Definitely must go on more picnics!
      Hmm, not sure if I have an all-time favorite. But some of the more "unpopular" in current media ones that I enjoy are 12 Dancing Princesses & Rumpelstiltskin!

  2. I'm so pumped you went out to explore your city's parks and have a solo picnic. Eating sweet potato (anything) and walking around listening to a podcast sounds like absolute bliss to me. Your Saturday also sounds like my perfect day. Pottery and blueberry picking?! Girl you are soooooo coooool!!

    1. It's always unimaginable to me when people say they dislike sweet potatoes!! How?!!

  3. Not only are fairy tales dark but nursery rhymes are horrible sad too. Also eating outside is everything with a tiny human mainly because it reduces the cleaning up part. You should see the amount of bits and bobs on the floor when Ave is done with her meal. Ha!

    Your Saturday sounds like perfection.

    1. Based on that taco-dinner picture from last week, I can definitely see how eating outside works miracles!