Weekend in Review: A True Weekend

October 08, 2018

Okay, I now know the Sunday scaries feeling that sets in before getting back into the work week. Even if it's only been a couple of weeks but now with work, I'm learning to appreciate the time off. There has been no time to do anything during the week; I find I'm half-heartedly doing most things. My attempts at multitasking mean my brain is even more all over the place than usual. I never felt a TGIF moment feel any better than I did last Friday.

Before I begin to count down to the next weekend already, I'm recapping a pretty productive few days c/o the lovely Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets.

Finally posted on the blog after weeks away. Just in time for Friday linkup!

Got a head start for most but a later start than usual for me in crossing some items off my Christmas gift shopping list. Friendly PSA that there are only 79 days left!

Grocery shopped at Target, Trader Joe's and Sam's Club. Not entirely sure if this is the most time or fuel efficient way to do it but I'm particular about getting select items from different places and will usually go to a handful of places to get it done.

Cleaned my apartment -- bathroom, kitchen and living areas. And yet somehow there's still clutter... I hate not having a place for everything yet.

Whilst in the cleaning mood, did a couple of loads of laundry including my sheets and towels.

Treated my friends to breakfast Saturday morning. Breakfast sandwiches are everything.

Went into downtown, which yay! is less than 30 minute drive away now, and visited one of the art museums because of their free first Saturdays admission. Beforehand, got tacos and ice cream sandwiches for lunch. Ice cream sandwiches are also everything.

Attended glow-ga (aka glow in the dark yoga)! This needs to be more of a thing. Loads of fun for sure. You should've seen our post-workout glow!

Stopped by a local art festival that brings in artists from around the nation to get my culture fix.

Made a plum and apple baked oatmeal for a late Sunday breakfast and stocked my freezer with the leftovers, among other meal prepping activities throughout the day.

Continued through this latest season of the Great British Bake Off!! Why is this show so addicting? Now I just want to bake pies, puddings and biscuits.

Have you started gift shopping yet? 
Do you prefer going to multiple places for groceries or getting it all done at just one store?

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  1. I'm teaching a glowga class this month and I am so excited about it :) also can't believe it's already october and that christmas is around the corner!! glad you had a nice weekend :)

    1. Aside from the lack of gift shopping, I'm so ready for the holiday season!

  2. I like the idea of glow-ga better than goat yoga because I'd spend all my time playing with the goats and not doing any yoga.

    Once you join the 9 to 5 rat race, you'll live for the weekends and find them speeding by way too fast, and pretty much all Sunday is getting yourself ready for the week again.

    Ice cream sandwiches for the win.

    1. Or puppy yoga for that matter. I'd be way too distracted to do a downward dog.
      Alas, the working world has claimed me.