Week in Review: Limbo

September 10, 2018

With September now upon us, it's time for back to school season. It struck me last week that this is the first time in 5 years I would not be returning to school in the fall; instead, I'll be starting a big-girl job in just a couple more weeks. As exciting as that sounds, everyone else around me has gotten busy again: My parents (teachers) have gone back to work; my sister resumed another year of classes; my friends started their own respective jobs... 

I feel very much in limbo right now. I will probably never get time like this again in my life so over the next two weeks, instead of getting sucked into a bored turned lonely spiral, I'll be focusing on me. It'll be all about self-dates and treating myself. Linking up with Meghan for another Week in Review to detail where the me-time began with doing yoga, bonding with dogs, running errands, and eating baked goodies! 

Continued to dogsit this little pupper for my aunt while she was out of town.

Attended a restorative yoga session on Labor Day despite the pouring rain that has unexpectedly been hitting Dallas throughout the entire week.

Posted August's Eats and Monthly Reads!

Volunteered at the animal shelter again luckily one of the days when the sun was shining.

Had a pretty productive Thursday -- got my car oil changed, attended a pilates class, sold some books to a used bookstore, picked up a few groceries...

Including a box of black figs to make this cake with goat cheese frosting. If you get a chance and get your hands on some figs before the season ends, definitely make it or at least the frosting; I'm addicted to it.

Crossing some things off for my new apartment. About time to since I'm moving in this week!!! Ahhhh!

Bought a tasty treat (see: vegan cinnamon roll) and put on To All The Boy I've Loved Before on Netflix. Watching a movie by yourself, mid-afternoon just for the fun of it! 

Went to yet another yoga class. Much, much tougher than the one at the beginning of the week but so gratifying. 

Had an amazing triple date game night where the girl team beat the guys by a long shot.

What did you do for yourself last week?
Have you ever tried fresh figs? They're one of my all-time favorite fruits!
What's your favorite board game? 

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  1. Yay girl team! Hope your game night was fun. And fig cake with goat cheese frosting??? That sounds delicious!

  2. Oh my god that fig cake!! I don't know if I can find myself some fresh figs, but I would make that loaf just on its own. Goat cheese icing!? I'm really not even sure what to expect with that...

    Yes to treating yourself to you time over these next couple of weeks before things begin. I know it can be tough at this time when we see "everyone" around us starting something new - especially if just recently you'd be returning to the school schedule yourself at this time. But taking time to debrief and centre yourself before starting this job is going to put you in such a good place for all the newness you are about to experience. I treated myself a lot this past week. I think we can both feel pretty good about ourselves for how far we've come with this <3

    1. Aww Cora. Your last comments really tugged at my heart. Thank you for all the support.

  3. Oh wow. That cake. I LOVE goat cheese. And figs. And cake. Adding it to my must make list.

    I'm glad you're finding ways to treat yourself before everything starts!

    1. Let me know if you do end up making it and how it turns out!

  4. I have never tried figs but I really want to! also, that cinnamon roll looks amazing- esp paired with a mid-day movie!

  5. Mmm I adore figs, especially this time of year.

    I love all the me centered self care stuff. Amen to living it up while you've got these couple of weeks. Once work starts, life is never the same.

    1. Yup, day 1 is done and I'm already realizing that. :(