Homemade Naan and Mediterranean "Bowls"

May 19, 2017

One item on my summer to do list is to finally weed through or tackle my many must-try recipes. My recipe searching is like the hydra: Cut off one head (recipe) and three more grow in its place. I have accumulated literally hundreds of recipes saved to try. Having way too many tabs open is honestly one of my biggest bad habits. Even with this magical Chrome extension, OneTab, that I stumbled upon years ago, my browser's a mess. Thus, here I am trying to knock sone off.

I was able to get two birds with one stone with this meal! I de-veganized Minmalist Baker's naan recipe to utilize in my take on Immaeatthat's black bean naan bowls. Mine lacked avocado because I didn't have avocado (a huge first world problem), used up the remains of some store-bought salsa instead of making my own, and was served on a plate. So I guess they weren't so much "bowls" as they were "plates."

Don't worry. I still kept the egg on there. A poached egg would also work great and I was tempted to do that because strangely my egg-poaching skills > my frying ones but opted for frying instead. Still managed to get that ooey gooey, golden yolkiness. Perfect for dipping the dough-y naan into. Definitely another recipe to keep for future use! Two down with hundreds more to go. But, hey, progress not perfection,  right?

  • Said naan recipe, using Chobani full-fat yogurt instead of coconut milk yogurt
  • Black beans, or any legumes really
  • Salsa
  • Fried eggs
  • Brussels, or again, any other vegetable
  1. Make the bread as directed on Dana's blog
  2. Add all the components listed above (or more if your heart desires) onto a bowl (or as in my case a plate). 
  3. Dig. In. 

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