Recent Eats: April

May 05, 2017

First of all, happy 5th of May aka Cinco de Mayo! It definitely does not have the same ring in English as it does it Spanish. Also, belated happy Star Wars day. Hope the fourth was with y'all yesterday sending good vibes throughout your Thursday. Not a huge fan myself but I have seen the original six movies. Last night, while I was "studying," the 6th (...or technically 3rd?) movie was playing in the background, which made me want to go back and re-watch all of them. Another summer to-do perhaps.

Anywho, speaking of good-vibe-inducing-things, I may be five days late but it's already time for me to share some of my favorite eats over the past month. Check out March and February here!

As usual, I want to note that my recent eats posts are for inspiration not comparison. I don't want to make someone feel better or worse about themselves for looking at what I do or do not eat. Remember, you have your own body, mind, feelings, life. Trust yourself to nourish yourself.

  • Strangely been on a spice--both spic-y and spice-filled--kick lately despite the warmer weather. Here are some examples mostly of the latter:   
    • a) Homemade tempeh stuffed enchiladas topped with salsa + brussels + yogurt
    • b) All-you-can-eat hotpot dinner out with mi familia. WORTH EVERY PENNY. The nature of the meal, however, made it more difficult to know if I got enough to eat/hit my meal plan. 
    • c) I had been meaning to try this Indian vegetarian lunch service that an org at my school offers. You order online from a set menu and pick it up the day of on campus. For only $5, that day's came with yellow spiced rice, pinto bean curry, potatoes & veggies, vegan raisin bread, and halava. With all of that, I was able to have leftovers that I purposed in to 2ish other meals. So delicious and such a good deal too. Sadly it was the last week they'd be offering it for the semester but will most definitely be buying from them again come fall! 
    • d) Avocado & Tomato Scramble + My New Roots' chickpea flour chips. Oh the magic of chickpea flour. Its versatility astounds me. One of my favorite underrated ingredients for sure. 

  • Also getting ready for the summer season with ice cream! Two notable times this month: 
    • a) semi-branching out from my usual at Braum's with a new flavor--pecan praline. Those caramel ribbons were on point. 
    • b) trying a vegan coconut and strawberry one at Melt in Ft. Worth, a place I had been wanting to try. Seriously, you can never go wrong with ice cream.

  • Also been enjoying throwing random leftovers in my fridge together like this simple bowl of barley, corn, chickpeas, feta & pesto. I've always loved corn + pesto combo for some odd reason. 

  • As I mentioned even early on in You've Got Kayl, summer  strangely makes me want to bake, bake, bake away! For example, this life changing Milanese raisin bread 😍 😍 😍  Already have a buttload of yeasted bread and pastry recipes to try over the summer. 

  • Prior to the unfortunate news of my almond allergy (still mourning this loss 😢), I enjoyed this fancy toast with peach slices, nut butter, walnuts, homemade granola and hemp seeds. 

Do you have any weird cravings like eating spicy food/baking/having soup in warm weather or ice cream when it's freezing outside? 
Are you a Star Wars fan?
Would love to hear about your weekend plans! 

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  1. I can't wait for ice cream to come back into my regular rotation and go on ice cream dates with Dan. Still waiting for the weather to warm up for that one. It's also been FOREVER since I baked. Whats happening to me? I need to clear room in my freezer (hello parents thanks for all the groceries....) before I can justify baking more. Or, maybe not.

    1. Yes, I have been a victim of freezer fullness too 😥 Just do it!!!