Must-Reads of the Week (24)

May 27, 2017

I tend to accumulate reads I've loved over the weeks in one blog post. Then I go back and select a handful to share. But there have been so, so many good links lately that my indecisiveness (and let's be real, partially laziness) can't deal. So instead of eliminating them, I've got a number of things I wanted to share with y'all and will share them all. Also, rather than explain each with my own little blurb, I'm going to let the article speak for itself.

Rest ≠ recovery. The key is to resilience is in the recovery. So in short, make time to recharge.

The Donut Eating Dietician's of body acceptance.

Some common misconceptions of intuitive eating.

Did you know that the daily energy your heart produces from pumping--just by doing what it naturally does--could theoretically power a truck for 20 miles? Here are 16 other random facts about our bodies. 

It may not be the body you desire, but the body you have is more than enough.

A cute yet accurate cartoon on the reality of communicating with others when you're depressed.


Becoming content with being alone.

If you're on the verge of an emotional breakdown, read this.

A take on self-care versus self-indulgence from the Kitchn.

Barbie is telling it like it is

What have you enjoyed reading on the web recently?
How are you showing yourself self-care this weekend? 
What is one thing you are loving about your body today? 

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