Week in Review: Gettin' it done!

May 01, 2017

Honestly, despite all the Week in Reviews I have done in the past recapping my accomplishments for the week (or weekend), I never really felt accomplished in the moment. It is usually only in retrospect when I write and publish my WIRs that I relish in them. But this week I can say that throughout the week I actually felt I got things done. I managed to appreciate how much I was getting done in the moment rather than after the fact. Looks like faking it 'til you make it pays off. So thank you Meghan for helping me feel accomplished

  • Interviewed for three part-time jobs: one for tutoring during the fall semester and the two others cashier bakery positions for over the summer
  • Picked up my walking card for graduation
  • Saw my allergist again and got the results of my blood work. Unfortunately found out I am allergic to almonds. Goodbye almond butter, almond milk, almond meal, plain ol' almonds in general. 😢  
No more almond-laced KIND bars dipped in almond butter
  • Took more steps towards my potentially adopting a pet this summer by going to a meet & greet. Dogs never fail to make my day. 😊
  • Finished a book and started a another one
  • Painted my nails
  • Baked pizza
  • Went to an Asian grocery store & got all of this vvv for < $8! What a steal! 
  • Helped out for a bit at my club's bake sale 
  • Caught up on reading and commenting on blog posts
  • Finished that dreaded project I was complaining about during the entirety of last week. Plus, the presentation actually went well! 
  • Attended the international festival at the school where my parents' work. Yay for free food samples! 
  • Supported a friend at her makeup meetup party then bought eyeliner from her #treatingmyself
  • Supported more friends at their Spring wind ensemble show
  • Saw a production of Hair at my sister's university on Saturday
  • Last but certainly not least, I had my last full week of undergrad classes. Now I just have to make it through 2 more final exams! 

Does "fake it til you make it" work for you?
What foods would you hate to find out you could no longer eat?
What was the last performance (e.g. play, opera, symphony) that you watched?

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to recognize your accomplishments in the moment. That's not always easy and awesome you did.

    Good bye undergraduate life, hello puppy dog. My fingers are crossed on the animal adoption, the job interview results and those pesky two finals. Go get 'em.

    1. Thank you so much Meghan! Crossing my fingers especially for the dogger too!

  2. Fake it till you make it absolutely is my motto, too. There's just no other way sometimes. I'm glad you're seeing everything you've accomplished now. Because you did get a lot done. Your week sounds great - a good mix of work and play.
    Sorry to hear you'll have to kiss almonds goodbye. I actually thought just today how awful becoming allergic to peanuts would be for me. Peanut butter is my everyday staple and quick snack solution all the time.
    Fingers crossed for your final exams!

    1. Yes, I really miss almonds. It was such a staple in my kitchen--it all its forms. They just so versatile too.
      Allergies are strange.

  3. Woooooo way to get through that dreaded project from last week!! Like ripping off a bandaid right? Just get 'er done.
    It feels like we had fairly similar weeks. Both seeing some theatre and knocking down THREE interviews. I think we are both crazy.
    But oh my gosh BOO to the allergy!! That's nuts! (haha - pun intended). So surprisingly for that to come along late in life, and after having eaten almonds so much in the past. Womp. Peanut butter??

    1. Now it's just the anticipation of waiting for the project to get graded... Nguhhh
      Hey, at least we can be crazy together? 😁
      Unpopular opinion, but I actually don't like peanut butter except if it's in savory dishes (i.e. satay sauce, stews) 🙈
      (shamelessly laughed at that pun)