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Happy Monday aka happy WIR day! This past week was spent trying to get some errands and chores done before life picks back up again. The key word here is trying. In the beginning of last week, it felt like every little thing was going wrong. I was scrambling to finish a scholarship application and cross things off when I wanted to cross them off. Then over the weekend, I felt highly restless. I didn't know what to do with myself. I've realized I thrive more with solid plans--plans that go according to how they're meant to go--so I don't feel I am wasting time. So this week was challenging my patience in both situations: when things go awry and when things aren't really going. 

  • After much back and forth, 2 emergency transcripts, various phone calls and unnecessary stress, I sent everything in for that scholarship app. Crossing my fingers that it all gets in on time. 
  • Had my fingerprints scanned and some documents notarized for my CPA exam app! 
  • Picked up my allergy med prescription refill with no speed bumps. Bless the Costco Pharmacy 🙏
  • Went to WF's just to buy my Siggi's on sale (only $1 each!!!) the day the sale was ending.
  • Took the train downtown to a bookstore/coffee shop called Serj that I had be meaning to try. Their walls are full of unique/offbeat books, the baristas tell jokes and the you can draw on the tables. For breakfast, was torn between getting a chocolate zucchini muffin or a lemon poppyseed scone. Who am I kidding? I got the latter as I'm a sucker for scones. 
  • Whilst there, I finished reading Isabel Allende's book Eva Luna before my monthly book club gathering on Thursday....which ended up getting postponed to this Tuesday instead. Siiigh. At least I finished it, yeah?
  • Began and finished the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix with my sister. That Boobs & California song has been stuck in my head ever since. 
  • Posted another recipe on the blog! Yay for more bread! 
  • Spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out our apartment refrigerator. Feels so good to get stuff done.
  • Also started cleaning up my computer desktop. This includes sorting pictures from pre-college Kaylee. Here's one quote that I saved back from my Tumblr days to echo those thoughts ^^^: 
  • After  months and months of living in this apartment, I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY hung up all my wall decor 
  • Made 2 cakes. The first was a blueberry bundt cake to use up the aging blueberries at my parents'. The second was a sad looking chocolate cake because chocolate. It still tasted moist (sorry!) and delicious though. As I say, it all goes to the same place right? 
  • Funnily, my dad's birthday was last Friday but neither one was used as his birthday cake. We put on a candle on a Hostess cupcake (his favorite) and sang to him on Thursday evening. Since my mom went out of town over the weekend, my sister and I spent the weekend with him instead. 
Does  having a free day make your feel anxious?
Did anything in your week not go as planned? 
What was your most recent shopping score?

One item on my summer to do list is to finally weed through or tackle my many must-try recipes. My recipe searching is like the hydra: Cut off one head (recipe) and three more grow in its place. I have accumulated literally hundreds of recipes saved to try. Having way too many tabs open is honestly one of my biggest bad habits. Even with this magical Chrome extension, OneTab, that I stumbled upon years ago, my browser's a mess. Thus, here I am trying to knock sone off.

I was able to get two birds with one stone with this meal! I de-veganized Minmalist Baker's naan recipe to utilize in my take on Immaeatthat's black bean naan bowls. Mine lacked avocado because I didn't have avocado (a huge first world problem), used up the remains of some store-bought salsa instead of making my own, and was served on a plate. So I guess they weren't so much "bowls" as they were "plates."

Don't worry. I still kept the egg on there. A poached egg would also work great and I was tempted to do that because strangely my egg-poaching skills > my frying ones but opted for frying instead. Still managed to get that ooey gooey, golden yolkiness. Perfect for dipping the dough-y naan into. Definitely another recipe to keep for future use! Two down with hundreds more to go. But, hey, progress not perfection,  right?

  • Said naan recipe, using Chobani full-fat yogurt instead of coconut milk yogurt
  • Black beans, or any legumes really
  • Salsa
  • Fried eggs
  • Brussels, or again, any other vegetable
  1. Make the bread as directed on Dana's blog
  2. Add all the components listed above (or more if your heart desires) onto a bowl (or as in my case a plate). 
  3. Dig. In. 

I did it!!!

Last Friday, I walked across the stage and officially earned my Bachelor's degree in Accounting. 🎓  So t'was the past seven days were full of celebrating! It still feels surreal though. I keep asking myself if it really happened since the whole thing basically blurred by.

This may also be because I begin my graduate studies very soon. Consequently, I'm trying to forget that my "summer" only lasts a couple of weeks and to just enjoy the time that I have off now. I have a bad habit of preemptively worrying, which severely ruins my present and presence unfortunately. 

As I might have mentioned, my grandparents came in from out of the country to attend the ceremony. My cousins also came in from out of town too so the past few days have been busy, savoring the time with the relatives. Thus, I haven't really gotten a chance to catch up on blog posts or even write this one. Here I am, Monday morning scrambling to finish my WIR. This said, I am still gladly joining Meghan as I list off just some of the stuff from my week and weekend where I graduated college. 

  • Amidst my exams, I finished Sarah J. Maas' A Court of Wings & Ruin, the 3rd and final installment of a YA fantasy series. Was a good but long (almost 700 pages!!!) read. 
  • Got at 86 on that final I was dreading 🙏  A great way to finish of my undergrad career!
  • Had booked an end-of-the-semester massage using a Groupon as a gift to myself. Too glorious that towards the end I fell asleep (as usual). 

  • On Tuesday, my accounting program held a graduation luncheon for my cohort. At the lunch, I had a seemingly never-ending bowl of kale and quinoa salad with a citrus-ginger dressing. Then my friend and I split the set menu dessert: the famous whiskey cake. One of the top things I learned in the past 4 years: Always say yes to free food. 
  • Following the lunch, opted to go shopping with friends even though I honestly did not want to; I felt all socialized out but reminded myself that these college moments were fleeting and I should try to spend as much time as possible with my classmates as I can. 
  • Completed the food handler certification course needed for my summer job working at a local vegan bakery. ☑️

  • Participated in the Honors Convocation on Wednesday then actual graduation on Friday. CRAZY. 😲
  • Similar to the end of the semester last December, I ran and worked my org's rose bouquet sales at the commencement ceremonies . Pretty stressful and long days where I was on my feet the entire day but provided me with a sense of satisfaction after the fact.
  • Broke 100 during a round of bowling with my family <<< a major accomplishment for me considering my awful bowling abilities. No strikes but there were a handful of spares in the mix. 
  • Watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Sunday afternoon. Funnier than I remember the first one being. And Little Groot was too cute!! 

A belated happy mother's day to all you moms out there and/or to your own moms! 

How did you treat yourself this past week?
What was the last book you finished? Movie you watched? 
Are you good at bowling? 

For some reason, finals week is typically when I allow myself the most freedom to do "fun things." Kinda backwards don't ya think? This is nothing new. I remember freshman year, spending hours upon hours watching Disney movies with my roommates in pajamas the entire day. Good times, good times. How was that almost four years ago?!! It is scary for me to think I am typing this up a couple of hours before I take my last exam of my undergraduate career. I graduate on Friday. Holy guacamoly. 😳

Perhaps this avoidance and intense procrastination stems from a sense of resignation at this point in the semester. What can I really do in one test to change my grade that much? People have said that this feeling is a testament to how much I've studied over the past weeks that I don't need to study now. According to them, I'm "ready" but I don't feel so. At the same time though, I am feeling uncharacteristically not guilty and I think a sense of almost true happiness, which then makes me slightly anxious.

It was a packed week, packed with things I don't typically do because they're considered "unproductive" for me. For this week's Week in Review, I wanted to share those activities, things that don't even include chores or errands that I would normally add onto my WIRs. So, here are things I did instead of studying for my final final:

  • Attended a recognition luncheon for my major and won the Most Likely to Become Faculty award. 
  • Got a $1 turkey sandwich at Jimmy John's customer appreciation event last Tuesday with friends. 
  • Subsequently watched The Lazarus Effect on Netflix. Strange movie but definitely mind-trippy, which was what we were looking for. 
  • Treated my grandparents who are in the country for my graduation to bagels. I opted for salt + veggie cream cheese. Had to brush off a bunch of the salt but otherwise hit the spot. 
  • Saw another musical performance of the same friend as last week. This time for a jazz concert. The conductor (probably not really called a conductor but IDK what you would call him in this case) would just point to the different musicians and they would play their improv-d solos. So impressive. Jazz is pretty cool stuff. 
  • Made Immaeatthat's pancake mix cinnamon rolls using Kodiak mix. Ingenious. 
  • Posted my favorite eats of April!
  • Put in a couple of hours at the animal shelter. There are so many new doggies and kitties I hadn't met!! 
  • Watched The Circle with my former roommates. The book is always better.
Almost like freshman year

  • Free, sunshine filled-yoga on Saturday morning as usual.
  • Went to the Dallas World Aquarium for the first time with friends! More zoo-ish than an aquarium but it was worth visiting at least once. Can cross that off my bucket list! My faves were the penguins. 🐧 Really jealous of them just laying on the rocks like that. Wish my life could be that simple.

    • Went out for dinner twice with my fam-bam to relish the time and company of my grandparents since they are here for only a couple of weeks. 
    Grilled pork chop, green beans, mushroom bread pudding + red wine demi glace

    • Met my sister for lunch Sunday morning for lunch at a cute cafe/bakery. Loved talking to her (s/o to you sissy) about all the things. I could barely keep up with my thoughts, I swear. Then we went to look at more potentially adoptee greyhound dogs. 🐶 

    Off to take an exam! Catch you on the flip side. 😉

    Do you like thriller movies that keep you guessing and mess with your mind?
    What's your favorite kind of bagel?
    What and when was your last zoo/aquarium/museum visit?