Recent Eats: May

June 02, 2017

First off and perhaps most importantly, 

Many places are giving away free doughnuts or have some neat offerings on this special Friday so go, go, go and get your donut (doughnut?) on! 

As you may know, I am quite indecisive. So please forgive me in advance for all the pictures in this post. I just couldn't choose what to share with y'all for this recap of my meals in May. I decided to break it down to 3 categories. Although these groupings are apparent basically all the time for me, it was especially so this past month. 

Also need to note that these posts are meant to inspire and not for you to compare what my meals look like against yours. I don't want to make someone feel better or worse about themselves for looking at what I do or do not eat. You are you and I am I. We don't like the same things nor will what we eat ever look the same. Please keep that in mind! 

1. Repurposing Leftovers 

Best thing to do with leftover biscuits?? BISCUIT BREAKFAST SANDWICHES! 
  • The first was a BLT - the L + the A (for avocado of course!). 
  • The other was a cheesy eggs sandwich with roasted garlic and a onion jam.
I took home a HUGE leftover Mediterranean mezze type platter with hummus, olives, feta cheese, marinated beets, sun-dried tomatoes and roasted red peppers. It's been several weeks and I still have the olives and hummus.
  • Hummus pasta with sun dried tomatoes, brussels, and feta cheese
  • Toast two ways: avocado + hummus and beet + feta
  • Roasted sweet potato topped with pickled cucumbers, feta, sun dried tomatoes, spiced turkey and olive tapanade (made with said ^^^ olives!) 
  • Snack-y meal consisting of naan, carrot sticks, olives, hummus and yogurt w/ za'atar 
  • Roasted eggplant sandwich with more of that tapanade, romaine and hummus 

2. Eating Out

With a lot of celebrating in May came a lot of eating out. A lot more than my eating disorder wanted--definitely anxiety-inducing. But that is okay. 

  • My sister treated me to a Vietnamese meal after I helped her move into her apartment for the summer. I got this tofu vermacelli bun (pronounced more like boon rather than cinnamon bun). Thanks again sissy!! 
  • Split a caprese turkey burger with my aunt. It was topped with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and a kale pesto. Fried green bean and carrots on the side! 
  • Met up with a friend for lunch at a new-ish resto called Sumo Shack towards the end of the month. They specialize in fusion baos. I got two: their fried tofu with picked veg and the crispy fish one. 
  • At my graduation dinner at Bolsa, we had several appetizers for the table. One of them was a burrata salad. Per the menu, aside from the cheese there was apple butter, prosciutto, pickled beets and endive. 

 3. Trying New Recipes

I have been attempting to knock out as many recipes as possible from my ever-growing list of saved recipes. Included here during May were: 

  • Kylie's breakfast cookie/pizza - I used WW flour rather than pulsing my own oat flour then topped with strawberries, peaches, yogurt and mixed nut butter
  • A "rolex" inspired wrap - a Ugandan quick meal that I used crepes I had in my freezer instead of making the chapati. Basically a rolled up thin egg omelette thing! 
  • Another of Kylie's delish recipes: pancake mix cinnamon rolls that I had raved about previously + dried figs--a staple in my pantry
  • Oatmeal ala Cora: quick-soak, boil, rest. Added blueberries & strawberries for mine.

Doughnuts or donuts?
Best thing you've eaten in the past week!
What's on your to-make/to-try list? 

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  1. I have a slight preference for doughnuts. It just makes sense to me: a nut made out of dough. But donut or doughnut, they're delicious. :)
    Hey hey on the challenging yourself with more eating out. All of your eats look amazing. I love the idea of making a whole bunch of yummy meals out of your mezze platter.

    1. Same!! The one with dough really just makes more sense.
      Thanks for the comment! :)