Week in Review: Anti-Finals

May 08, 2017

For some reason, finals week is typically when I allow myself the most freedom to do "fun things." Kinda backwards don't ya think? This is nothing new. I remember freshman year, spending hours upon hours watching Disney movies with my roommates in pajamas the entire day. Good times, good times. How was that almost four years ago?!! It is scary for me to think I am typing this up a couple of hours before I take my last exam of my undergraduate career. I graduate on Friday. Holy guacamoly. 😳

Perhaps this avoidance and intense procrastination stems from a sense of resignation at this point in the semester. What can I really do in one test to change my grade that much? People have said that this feeling is a testament to how much I've studied over the past weeks that I don't need to study now. According to them, I'm "ready" but I don't feel so. At the same time though, I am feeling uncharacteristically not guilty and I think a sense of almost true happiness, which then makes me slightly anxious.

It was a packed week, packed with things I don't typically do because they're considered "unproductive" for me. For this week's Week in Review, I wanted to share those activities, things that don't even include chores or errands that I would normally add onto my WIRs. So, here are things I did instead of studying for my final final:

  • Attended a recognition luncheon for my major and won the Most Likely to Become Faculty award. 
  • Got a $1 turkey sandwich at Jimmy John's customer appreciation event last Tuesday with friends. 
  • Subsequently watched The Lazarus Effect on Netflix. Strange movie but definitely mind-trippy, which was what we were looking for. 
  • Treated my grandparents who are in the country for my graduation to bagels. I opted for salt + veggie cream cheese. Had to brush off a bunch of the salt but otherwise hit the spot. 
  • Saw another musical performance of the same friend as last week. This time for a jazz concert. The conductor (probably not really called a conductor but IDK what you would call him in this case) would just point to the different musicians and they would play their improv-d solos. So impressive. Jazz is pretty cool stuff. 
  • Made Immaeatthat's pancake mix cinnamon rolls using Kodiak mix. Ingenious. 
  • Posted my favorite eats of April!
  • Put in a couple of hours at the animal shelter. There are so many new doggies and kitties I hadn't met!! 
  • Watched The Circle with my former roommates. The book is always better.
Almost like freshman year

  • Free, sunshine filled-yoga on Saturday morning as usual.
  • Went to the Dallas World Aquarium for the first time with friends! More zoo-ish than an aquarium but it was worth visiting at least once. Can cross that off my bucket list! My faves were the penguins. 🐧 Really jealous of them just laying on the rocks like that. Wish my life could be that simple.

    • Went out for dinner twice with my fam-bam to relish the time and company of my grandparents since they are here for only a couple of weeks. 
    Grilled pork chop, green beans, mushroom bread pudding + red wine demi glace

    • Met my sister for lunch Sunday morning for lunch at a cute cafe/bakery. Loved talking to her (s/o to you sissy) about all the things. I could barely keep up with my thoughts, I swear. Then we went to look at more potentially adoptee greyhound dogs. 🐶 

    Off to take an exam! Catch you on the flip side. 😉

    Do you like thriller movies that keep you guessing and mess with your mind?
    What's your favorite kind of bagel?
    What and when was your last zoo/aquarium/museum visit?

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    1. I am so impressed you did all this during finals week, but even more so that you didn't feel guilty about kicking back and enjoying life. You have worked hard for so long, you absolute deserve some fun and sun (shine yoga - so nice!).

      1. Thanks Meghan! I am feeling pretty proud of that no-guilt thing. 😊

    2. How did the pancake cinnamon rolls turn out!? I have a box of kodiak mix and was wanting to give these a go. Any tips??

      I'm supporting your backwards thoughts on finals week. I think we are our smartest and do our best work when we are relaxed and having fun.

      1. They were delicious! Definitely better fresh out of the oven. Hmmm tips wise, I don't think I rolled it enough so my layers were a bit sad looking.

        It was worth it. I made it out a lot better than I thought I would. Things that are meant to be will be.