Week in Review: Restless & More Stress

May 22, 2017

Happy Monday aka happy WIR day! This past week was spent trying to get some errands and chores done before life picks back up again. The key word here is trying. In the beginning of last week, it felt like every little thing was going wrong. I was scrambling to finish a scholarship application and cross things off when I wanted to cross them off. Then over the weekend, I felt highly restless. I didn't know what to do with myself. I've realized I thrive more with solid plans--plans that go according to how they're meant to go--so I don't feel I am wasting time. So this week was challenging my patience in both situations: when things go awry and when things aren't really going. 

  • After much back and forth, 2 emergency transcripts, various phone calls and unnecessary stress, I sent everything in for that scholarship app. Crossing my fingers that it all gets in on time. 
  • Had my fingerprints scanned and some documents notarized for my CPA exam app! 
  • Picked up my allergy med prescription refill with no speed bumps. Bless the Costco Pharmacy 🙏
  • Went to WF's just to buy my Siggi's on sale (only $1 each!!!) the day the sale was ending.
  • Took the train downtown to a bookstore/coffee shop called Serj that I had be meaning to try. Their walls are full of unique/offbeat books, the baristas tell jokes and the you can draw on the tables. For breakfast, was torn between getting a chocolate zucchini muffin or a lemon poppyseed scone. Who am I kidding? I got the latter as I'm a sucker for scones. 
  • Whilst there, I finished reading Isabel Allende's book Eva Luna before my monthly book club gathering on Thursday....which ended up getting postponed to this Tuesday instead. Siiigh. At least I finished it, yeah?
  • Began and finished the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix with my sister. That Boobs & California song has been stuck in my head ever since. 
  • Posted another recipe on the blog! Yay for more bread! 
  • Spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out our apartment refrigerator. Feels so good to get stuff done.
  • Also started cleaning up my computer desktop. This includes sorting pictures from pre-college Kaylee. Here's one quote that I saved back from my Tumblr days to echo those thoughts ^^^: 
  • After  months and months of living in this apartment, I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY hung up all my wall decor 
  • Made 2 cakes. The first was a blueberry bundt cake to use up the aging blueberries at my parents'. The second was a sad looking chocolate cake because chocolate. It still tasted moist (sorry!) and delicious though. As I say, it all goes to the same place right? 
  • Funnily, my dad's birthday was last Friday but neither one was used as his birthday cake. We put on a candle on a Hostess cupcake (his favorite) and sang to him on Thursday evening. Since my mom went out of town over the weekend, my sister and I spent the weekend with him instead. 
Does  having a free day make your feel anxious?
Did anything in your week not go as planned? 
What was your most recent shopping score?

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your father. Hostess cupcakes for the win, although I would have tried either cake you made.

    You had a very productive week despite being restless over the weekend. Fingers crossed on the application.

    1. Thanks so much for the support, Meghan! ☺️

  2. That reminds me that I need to clean out my desktop--especially my pictures. And my literal desktop, for that matter.
    Congrats on getting your scholarship app in! Those things can be tricky!
    What does everyone have against the word moist? I don't get it.

    1. Ugh. It's such a hard task to tackle. I really need a better system of organizing my pictures as they come in.
      And don't even get me started on my literal desk's top. 😥

  3. Whoooooo for cleaning the fridge, organizing pictures and hanging long overdue decor!! Even one of those things would have felt like GOLD in a week. And extra nice job on the baking. 2 cakes? Yes please...
    You went on a scone date!!!! Ya girl!!

  4. Happy belated birthday to your dad! I bet he enjoyed having both of his daughters around for the weekend.
    Fingers crossed for the scholarship!
    Too much free time makes me anxious, too. As much as I'd prefer sleeping in most days, I like having the set schedule of a work day.
    (I'd written more the first time around but my comment got deleted)

    1. Yes, I definitely like knowing my schedule in advance but I'm trying to be better about flexibility and spontaneity.
      So sorry about that comment issue! I did not see anything on my end so I wonder what happened.