Quick Pizza: Two Ways

April 28, 2017

As I may have illustrated on You've Got Kayl in the past, I am not a patient person especially when it comes to baking/cooking. This is unfortunate because I love homemade breads. For someone who plans a lot, I often don't think far enough ahead to proof dough. So when I was wanting the satisfaction of making a personal pizza crust but in under a couple hours' time, using this super dee duper easy recipe for the crust, I got the best of both worlds! Minimal kneading required and a 10 minute rise using baking powder--what more could I have asked for? I went with the water & oil route.

This is less of a recipes post and more of an ideas post. The magic of pizza is that you can be as free and creative with toppings as your mind allows. Another everything in the kitchen sink, err fridge, type of meal. And because I am an incredibly indecisive person, I made it two ways:

Pizza A - pesto base + tomatoes, kale, fried egg + garlic

I grated the garlic on top--raw!!! It added a delicious bite to it. I'm a garlic girl.

Pizza B - yogurt base + peaches, corn, kale, fontina + a little bit of balsamic glaze.

If those ingredients are any indication, I am obviously ready for the summer season to begin!

Have a splendid and scrumptious weekend!

What are you favorite pizza toppings? Least favorite? No pineapples for me!
Are you a Spring or Summer person?
How patient are you?

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