Week in Review: Recently

January 28, 2018

Happy Monday!! Despite being pretty uneventful, this week is looking pretty good. I am feeling hopeful. Right now, the skies are blue and the sun is shining. I am trying to trust my feelings, trust this sense of contentment. We'll see how it goes. 

I'll be doing a different take on this Week in Review again and go through what has been happening in my life as of late with accomplishments of varying sizes thrown in the mix. So here is my recent: 

  • Easy on Netflix! Another anthology series showcasing different types of love. It's the perfect length of time for my lunch break at work since all the episodes are under 30 minutes. Breezed through season 1 and will likely be done with the next season in the upcoming week too.  
  • Last night Grammy's! Every year I seem to forget how this is one of my lesser liked award shows; I feel it's less awards and more performances. Blerg. 
  • And by recent I mean really recent--eating this for dinner as we type... The much awaited beans and greens from the lovely Queen of theWeek in Review herself. Mine had kale and chard for greens and pinto for beans. It's deliciously garlic-filled and exceeded expectations. Thanks Meghan!
  • Also made this vegan lentil shepherd's pie from The Full Helping's blog 
  • Last Friday my family and I watched the first musical of the series this year, The Color Purple! Very very good but also very very sad. I haven't seen the movie (feat Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg) so now that will be going on the to-watch list. 
  • Joined my aunt for dinner and the latest Bachelor episode. Before she got home, I tried to sneak some studying in but this little white ball of fluff obviously didn't want me to study either. 
a convenient excuse to not study...
  • After getting a worse grade on a test than anticipated, it feels like my studying is going no where and I am scared I'm not retaining anything. 
  • I had the home visit for the dog I am looking at adopting, which went pretty well. I am fearful though that I won't be the best dog mom... That I'll be lazy... That I am not ready. There was just a lot of doubt in my own capabilities (what's new).  

  • Being two minutes late (two!!!) to a yoga class last Saturday and getting locked out. In the studio's defense, there was only one instructor in at the moment. Just annoying how  
  • Forgetting to bring cash to the farmer's market and being out of luck since the only produce seller did not take card. Saturday was just not my day. 
  • Not freaking out about said plan ruiners and adapting my sched. 
  • Finally opening up a bottle of wine that my friends gave me for my birthday months ago. 
  • Had to ask my roomie for help though in figuring out the 4-in-1 corkscrew #noshame
  • I gave up on the Grammy's 2/3 of the way through... 

  • Bought a LUSH hair balm using some GC money I had. Will keep you posted on how it turns out. 
  • Chai lattes! Went out to try another coffee shop where I got one and put more study hours in. (Thought of you Alyssa!) 
  • With all this being said, my family and their company (as usual) 
  • My roommate 
  • For the yoga studio for being understanding and putting a credit back onto my class pass.

If you watched too, what did you think of the Grammy's? 
What is a recent confession, pleasure, worry or success?
Have you used LUSH products before? 

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  1. Have you ever read The Color Purple. I love that book and the movie is equally as good. I have to rewatch and reread it every few years.

    I gave up the Grammy's around 10:30 last night, mainly because it was way past my bedtime.

    Cheers to opening up that bottle of wine, and I'm so glad you made the greens and beans already and loved them as much as me. You're the best (and will make an excellent dog mom). Blows kiss.

    1. Have yet to both it but will definitely have to pick up the book and movie soon!
      Thank you for that last part. Your message made my Monday. ☺️

  2. That sounds like the exact sort of day I would have--forget to bring cash to the farmers market and be two minutes late to a yoga class.
    So sorry to hear about your test! That's discouraging.
    Yay for awesome roommates! A good roommate is worth a lot.

    1. Agreed! Glad that I was randomly paired with her. 😅

  3. Good for the yoga studio for reimbursing you. How frustrating that would have been!!

    I've gone through a bottle of wine myself this past week. It's really become part of my self care. I just love when I get to have an evening at home (so rare)...I pour myself a glass and slowly sip it while making dinner. And then pour another glass as I eat dinner. Something my ED brain still tries to fight against, but the more I do it the more I say "shove it ED brain this is SOOOO lovely and makes me feel so good." I hope it makes you feel nice, too <3

    1. Yes to rationalizing those ED thoughts away. I pulled out the wine again for dinner last night too! It went perfectly with bad TV.