Thinking Out Loud: What You Can't Control

January 18, 2018

since there was no snow this time around, here's a photo from another crazy winter we had in 2013
I was walking home from campus yesterday thinking about how terribly cold I was and how I absolutely do not know how to dress for the bitter cold, below freezing weather that came upon Texas this past week. Then I was thinking more about the weather, how annoyingly capricious it can be (it's supposed to be in the 60s this weekend 😒 ). And also about how I can't control the fact that it feels like 4 degrees outside; I just have to adapt, prepare and make the best of what life gives me. Then this got me thinking (linking up with Running With Spoons for this one!) even more how we try to control other things in our life that aren't really controllable either. But for some reason I get so frustrated with myself when those other things go awry even if it's not in my power. Crazy how the mind jumps all over the place in this way.

I wasn't originally going to post something about this today but I read Robyn's post on skin care from earlier today where she wrote...


...and knew that it was meant to be. Also sharing her post because a) I'm currently battling a few zits and b) skin care is part of this holistic wellness journey that I've embarked on this new year.  

So, just like we cannot control the weather, we cannot completely control our genetics--weight, skin, mental health, etc. There are so many factors involved that as much as we'd like to control XYZ it would just not be feasible. Our bodies, our skin, our emotions, our passions, our styles are meant to ebb and flow through life. 

At the same time, we can choose to dress a certain way depending on what the forecast is. If it's raining, I'll bring an umbrella and don rain boots. If it's chilly, time for a scarf, gloves and a hat. If it's windy, I know not to wear a skirt that'll fly everywhere. No matter what we wear though the weather will not change. Likewise, we also need to adapt and make these seemingly small choices to care for ourselves when it comes to other aspects of health. 

For example, let's go back to the zit issue. Rather than beat myself up about them, about not having the smooth, acne-free skin I once had in high school, I need to remind myself that that was years ago. In a completely different country with a completely different climate. As Robyn mentioned, there's my current stress level, food intake, sleep patterns involved too. But knowing these things I can still adapt where I can. Maybe by changing my face products. By actively trying to get a few more hours of sleep. By picking at my face less. 

Forgive me if I'm not making any sense. I know that this parallel between the weather and body/self image is quite the stretch. As with most things, this sounded a lot more logical in my head. If anything I hope it serves as a reminder to accept who you are (or are learning to be), make the most of your present situation, and to stay warm!!! Now back to wishing I could stay inside all day wearing comfy socks and snuggling up in a blanket. 

Though very smalltalk-y, what's the weather like where you are?
How have you learned to accept the things you can't control? 
What's your favorite winter clothing? 

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  1. my skin has been something hard for me to accept too. i get zits and ultimately find myself asking why- but the thing is, there's nothing i can control to change it besides washing my face/getting adequate sleep/ etc. as someone who likes control, learning to let go has made my life a lot less stressful!

    1. It's weird. At first, the thought of letting go is stressful but once it's done it does make life so much less stressful.

  2. Honestly, this does make a lot more sense than you're giving yourself credit for. Both the weather and the way we look are things we can't but want to control. And in both cases, choosing to be accepting, not admitting defeat but actively working to make juice of those lemons life handed us is the key to "winning". If that makes sense ...
    It's great you're working towards self-acceptance and treat yourself/your skin well.
    Oh and just because you asked: the weather is very let's-not-talk-about-it around here today. If I ever met that weather forecaster predicting even just two hours of sun today, I might get a little angry [read: it's been cold with a thick fog sticking around all day].

    1. Yes that totally makes sense! Or if lemonade isn't your cup of tea...make lemon squares instead!!
      Ick. Luckily, the sun has come out here so I'll be trying to send some rays your way :(