Recent Eats: January

February 04, 2018

It looks like we're in for another 6 weeks of winter much to my dismay. I know I'm not alone when I say January felt like a incredible long month. It's hard to believe that only four weeks ago I was lazing away in the Philippines enjoying the warm weather without a care in the world. Though February is almost 1/4 of the way through, I wanted to share another Recent Eats posts. 

Please keep in mind that this is just a snapshot into what I ate throughout the month, what I found enjoyable and nourishing for my mind, body and soul. These posts are also not meant to disparage your food choices but instead be a celebration of all things food. I hope to inspire you to find what you enjoy, to try new things. Similarly, I want to learn and be inspired too! So feel free to let me know what your recent eats are too.    

  • One of my absolute favorite Filipino dishes is mango float. Layers of graham crackers, mango slices and condensed milk all frozen together in dessert form. I have been meaning to recreate this here but need to a find the best mangoes to use! Until then, I will savor the memory of its deliciousness.
  • For a New Year's day, my family and I celebrate with a brunch buffet. Gotta love mini desserts at buffets. Chocolate bread pudding (life-changing!!! Why have I not done this myself?!) and a play on a carrot cake.Split these two with my mama but got another round of dessert after plates of actual food. 

  • The first thing I dug into when I got back to the states was a slice of a gingerbread spice loaf + yogurt topped with raisins. Craving satisfied ✔️ ☺️

  • One of the other things I missed while being abroad was cooking--trying different recipes in my apartment kitchen and experimenting. So when I got back, I went right to it. These vegan enchiladas are a repeat of something I had made in the past; I'm normally a recipe repeater but it was so good the first time I had to do it again. Plus, it makes for great leftovers.  
  • Another of those is this sweet potato pot piet also from the Full Helping. Yum yum yummmm! 
  • Bowls and bowls. Now this is my kind of super bowl. On the left, one of the last meals with friends before leaving Manila. It was an anti-sibo (though thankfully I don't suffer from sibo!) dish filled with all the fermented veggies. On the right, back in my kitchen again. I made this tempeh and quinoa bowl with bright turmeric hemp and cashew dressing. That's a mouthful. 

  • Then just last week I had this delicious bowl of vegetarian ramen with my family before watching that play I mentioned. Loved how customizable this restaurant was. I got mine with buttered corn, seasoned bamboo shoots and mustard greens. Didn't get to finish all the noodles though because I was stuffed.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Have you had ramen before? What are your favorite toppings?
What are you looking forward to in February? 
Did you watch the Superbowl? 

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  1. I just had ramen for the first time last week!! It had been on my list for a very long time. I can't say it was what I expected, but it was sooooo good. I couldn't get over how DIFFERENT each of the bowls (there were 4 of us who each got different things) and broths tasted. Definitely want to go back and try all the different types.

    So excited about that tumeric lemon tempeh dish - thank you. Also, I've still never made enchiladas. Tell me they are easy so that I finally get my butt around to making them...

    1. So happy you had a chance to try ramen!!! Definitely hits the spot during the cold weather.

      They are super easy--especially if you buy the pre-made enchilada sauce ;)