Must-Reads of the Week (35)

January 27, 2018

Another week, another round of lovely links. January is chugging along albeit slowly. Despite this dragging month, I still feel I am crunched for time. There's so much I want to get done and never enough hours, which causes me to lose the intention in what I'm doing. So I thought I'd take a moment for myself to slow down and share what I've found on the Interwebs with you. Whether you are spending today cozying up inside by yourself, or are out and about running around, sending you good vibes this weekend.

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As a naturally risk-averse person, I love this more relative way of defining and looking at risk especially in the context of creating a more meaningful life for yourself. What is a risk for me may not mean that it is a risk for you but that doesn't mean it's not a risk.

"The 'exquisite risk,' she says, is daring to live from a place of true openness, a place where we aren’t shielded by our pre-existing ideas of who we are and what is acceptable. Operating from that place — a place of 'unconditional presence' — is a risk, yes, but also the only way to discover both what we are capable of and what we truly want. Risk is the path by which we become more fundamentally ourselves."
Wise words from Joyce at The Hungry Caterpillar on how the meal plan and intuitive eating fit together as part of her Eating to Gain series.

Success isn't doing everything perfectly. Success isn't doing all the things ever. Here's another reminder that you have accomplished more than you know. 

More positive things to keep telling yourself every day. Numbers 2, 6 and 8 are my faves!!

We often are told that we have to constantly strive to improve ourselves, to be better versions of ourselves. But to what end? This read from The Pool goes into the potential down sides of the search for self-improvement and will make you go hmmm.

As read on Girl Boss, self-care is making sure your basic needs are being met. Love their little handy dandy illustrated guide to keep yourself in check in terms of self-care.

How did you take care of yourself this week? 
What are your thoughts on any of these posts? 

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  1. love that post about being more successful than you think- such a good reminder for us all!