Week in Review: The Routine of Things

January 22, 2018

In the few weeks that I have been back, it has felt like months have gone by. My trip abroad seems like a lifetime ago. But I think am finally settling into my routine--class, work, regular therapy and dietician appointments, cooking in my own kitchen, apartment chores, etc. It's weird to be thrown out of your life, get used to it then get thrown back in. 

Joining Meghan again to detail what other 'routine' things I accomplished this past week: 

  • Went out to try a new coffee shop a few streets over from my school. Ordered a TABLT--turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato--sandwich while getting some studying done. 
  • Invited a friend over for a Hump Day movie night. Decided to try this Mediterranean make-your-own-bowl type place that's in my apartment complex for the first time and rewatched 13 Going on 30. 
  • Posted twice on You've Got Kayl: Some lovely links that you should definitely take a look at and a Thinking Out Loud post on the Weather & Control 
  • Speaking of weather, managed to survive the freezing cold and now we're back to the normal Texas winter of a chilly 50 degrees 
  • Mulched and planted at the monthly community garden meetup

  • Bought bras for me and my sister at the first stop in the Lively pop-up. Super good deal--I got 3 for $75 with an additional $10 off for donating a used bra! Plus, they were giving out these cute mini desserts for free. As a slight aside, as I've mentioned previously, I hate buying things for myself so this was also an accomplishment in that regard. 
  • Signed up for the first section of the CPA exam! I'll be taking it in about a month from now. In doing so, it made it feel so much more real. Yikes!
  • Took the trash out, ran the dishwasher, did a couple of loads of laundry (including my sheets!), cleaned my bathroom and swept the kitchen floors. 
  • Made some progress on this 500-piece peacock puzzle that my mom bought. We obviously tackled the easiest parts first.  
not the most eye-pleasing spread but what else can you do
  • Sunday evening I joined another friend at her apartment to make dinner. We had roasted potatoes, hummus, pita bread, chicken in a spiced mayo sauce and eggplant stuffed with walnuts (something like this). The eggplant dish was so good so I'll definitely be attempting those again. 
  • Finished reading two books, getting even further ahead of my yearly goal and January has yet to finish. Self five! 
  • Lastly, I went to another greyhound adoption event....and am getting even closer to adopting one! Trying not to get my hopes too high as there are other things that have to happen before it's final. Crossing my fingers!!!! 
Have you ever had Georgian (either the state or the country)? 
What was the last movie you watched? 
What is something you've bought for yourself recently? 

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  1. I don't now what I love more: the sound of the TABLT, your 500 piece puzzle or the possibility of adopting a dog. I love animals; pets make the best friends.

    Kudos to you on the bra shopping. I desperately need to go too, but I want to wait until Ave's done nursing because apparently the boobies change afterwards. Gulp.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. I forget how much I love puzzles until I'm doing them.
      Oh boobies and babies.

  2. Ahhh. That does sound like a return to routine. How wonderful life can be that we can be itching to get OUT of our routine... have our holiday away... and then return to that routine and feel like we are settling into a hot bath once again.

    Holy smokes adopting a greyhound? That's mega exciting. What books did you finish reading?

    1. Like Alyssa said, I have mixed feelings around routines. But right now, it feels good to be settled in again.
      The Kite Runner and The Couple Next Door!!

  3. Once again, you got a lot done, girl, and some of these things even paving the way to your future. I can imagine that signing up for the first CPA test alone made it that much more official. I will admit I had to look up what that exam was because I don't know a lot of profession-specific vocabulary.
    13 going on 30 - ah, I remember that one. In fact, I thought of it just recently again.
    Which books did you finish and what's your goal for the year? I'm not really into my current book so looking for new ones.
    When would you like to adopt a dog? Are they allowed in your apartment complex? Even if it's not happening in the very close future, having things to look forward to is always so nice.

    1. My goal for the past few years now as been 52 books a year. I just finished The Kite Runner (very depressing but loved the writing!) and The Couple Next Door (an easy read but meh).
      Yes dogs are allowed. It might in the next couple of weeks but I'm also trying to keep that perspective in mind. If things don't work out now, I still have my future ahead of me.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with routines.

    Also- that puzzle makes me want to go do one!

    Last movie I watched? hmmm. Probably a documentary! I'm super into those

    1. Do all the puzzles!
      What documentaries have you been into recently? I've been meaning to start watching more.

  5. A return to routine feels satisfying. Glad it involved self-care in regards to personal well being (getting a little something for yourself, movie nights) and overall life well being (cleaning, day-to-day chores). I badly (badly) want a doggo. Until that happens, I have to be happy with living vicariously through other pet owners.

    1. I like that personal vs overall life well being thing. Something to keep in mind.
      Also, I know what you mean!! I've been eyeing dogs for over a year now.