Week in Review: Holiday Edition

January 08, 2018

toasting in 2018
Today marks my last first day of school. It hasn't quite suck in that I am back in the US, back to living my life. The holiday vacation seems almost surreal, like a whole different me, which in a way it was; I was thrown out of the routine of my life. I didn't have to worry about cooking or cleaning or studying. I even took a break from logging my meals for my dietician. The whole trip was incredibly freeing. But now I'm here again in Texas. Hopefully ready to face the things I left behind and what the new semester has in store for me.

Since Meghan took a break from her Week in Review, this week I decided to recap my 3-week-long trip to the Philippines over winter break. Also, a warning that this is probably the most that you'll see my face this year (just kidding but really though this is quite the picture-heavy post).   

  • Got my second tattoo that matched with a couple of my friends! Not the brightest idea to get it on my first day there especially as we went to the beach the following week, impeding me from submerging fully in the water. FYI, since you can hardly see it, it's an ampersand & 
  • Actually relaxed at a 5 day vacay at the beach with my family
awkward pose and awkward toes
  • Whilst there, I played a lot of family volleyball, posed for plenty of family pictures, went island hopping, lied down on a hammock, lost Cards Against Humanity, kayaked, 
  • Recovered from some type of food poisoning sickness that had me throwing up on Christmas Day of course right before our flight to the beach. Luckily by Day 2 there I was almost functioning at 100% again.

  • Visited an awe-inspiring georeserve park on Christmas Eve. A looooong day but completely worth it. 🌄
  • Had McDonald's for the first time in forever for a a pre-hike  (^^^) morning meal at 3am. Yay for challenging the ED!! 
  • Had breakfast with one of my besties. Wish I could do this more often rather than our virtual dates but I will take what I can get. Super grateful for our friendship throughout these years, making our goodbye almost easy because it felt like we would seee each other again soon albeit over a video call.

  • Visited the Pinto Art Museum, a private art collection turned outdoors museum.
  • Watched an award winning Filipino film called Ang Larawan during the Metro Manila Film Festival
  • Escaped an escape room with friends with 6 minutes to spare! I should have known though that with a title like Abduction I, one of the biggest scaredy cats I know, would be terrified. Do not let those post-escape room winner smiles fool you. 

  •  Starting the year off on the right foot on New Year's Eve, my sister and I went through a bunch of our old clutter. So much reminiscing but also questioning why past me kept a lot of this junk. Slowly learning to let go of things that no longer mean what they once meant to me. 
  • Had my friend group's annual Chrisgiviween celebration, where we exchange Santa Baby gifts, play games, catch up, laugh until we cry and smile for self-timer group photos.
  • Managed to take decent casual family pictures without killing each other. Want to point out that we did not pack or plan in advance to be this matchy; we all just like a lot of blue and just happened to bring clothes that worked together.

  • Since my last Week in Review, posted 4 times times on the blog--a couple of must-reads, my 2018 plans and most recently a December eats recap post here
  • Said my goodbyes to my friends and family. 😢
  • Powered through jetlag yesterday and was able to stay up past 11:00pm without a nap by preparing dinner, putting away my stuff, watching the Golden Globes, sorting my notes for our review classes, working on this blog post, showering, making my bed and enjoying the finale of the Big Family Cooking Showdown. 

When was the last time you went to the beach? 
Would you ever get a tattoo? If yes, of what?
Have you ever done an escape room? 
What is going on in your life? 

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  1. I love all the pictures in this post, especially seeing your smiling face. It's good to see you so happy and surrounded by friends and family.

    There really are no losers in cards against humanity.

    McDonald's makes the best french fries.

    Congrats on the new tattoo.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for all the happy words! Cards Against Humanity is a pretty solid game.

  2. Hooooo boy. What an amazing (an efficiently written, I must add) recap. What an incredible experience. It seriously sounds like you've grown and learned a years' worth in just a few weeks. All you experienced, tried, overcame, persevered through... I know this was a very new experience for you but you rose to it and embraced it for all that it was. Weird sickness and all. Ugh - on Christmas? And then to have to get on a plane? Girl you are tough.

    And then to come back and get *all* the things done. I would have gotten in the door and fallen flat on my face in bed.

    Here's to yet another new start!

    1. I had to keep busy or else I would've done just that and fallen asleep forever!
      Thank you again for the kind words here and all the support over the past year too, Cora :)