Day in Review

July 31, 2017

Often I forget that even in just one day a lot can happen. Last week I had a productive Wednesday. For the summer, Wednesdays are my long days and up until this point the day started with treatment. Of course, the first one I have off and it's packed. (siiiigh Oh, Kaylee.) Anywho, have you ever had that glorious feeling of super productivity? The type where you can say you got a lot of things done and it isn't even noon yet. Well, that was me.

Also, I've found my own weekly reviews can get a little repetitive. That isn't to say they aren't accomplishments; rather, the accomplishments don't provide the same satisfaction when they occur so often. To mix things up, I'll be sharing just one day of accomplishments from last week instead. As a side note, this'll be a scarce post photo-wise but I swear I will make it up to y'all in the upcoming posts!!!
  • Went in for an early appointment with my dietician 
  • Quickly went to the mall to claim my free Godiva chocolate reward before the month ended 😬
  • Got my armpits waxed! Yay for summer and sleeveless gear! Might be TMI but we all have hair; t'is the nature of life.  
  • Met up with my mom for lunch at a local Italian place. We split this golden beet, watermelon, orange and goat cheese salad & a chicken asparagus pizza. DELISH. Dining al fresco is always a plus too. As I said last week, I'm trying to eat more with others to recreate the social eating support of treatment. 

  • After getting home, I booked appointments for a haircut and a massage (thank you Groupon!) in the upcoming couple of weeks. Both very, very much needed. It's been months since my last cut and I can already see split ends. 🙈  Then the latter is something I try to give myself at the end of every semester. That and my back/shoulders are still killing me. 😫
  • Attended a mini, check-in therapy sesh
  • Then I ran off to my first class 
Eggplant & harvati sammie--fuel to make it through 3ish hrs of class
  • For my evening class, we had our 3rd test. Cannot believe the final one is only two weeks away. 
  • Cut, filed and buffed my nails whilst watching the latest So You Think You Can Dance ep 
  • Checked in for my flight to Vegas (will be posting more about all that later this week!) 
  • Threw a load of laundry in the washer before hitting the hay! 

Wax, shave or something else? 
Is there anything you treat yourself to on a regular basis? 

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  1. You did accomplish a lot, and all in a single day. What a fun twist on the WIR; I like it. I also like the social eating. I'm a fan myself although probably for different reasons. I just like to taste new food without having to do dishes or clean up the kitchen later. Ha. :)

    1. I agree for those reasons too! Dishes are not my favorite thing in the world...

  2. This is a productive day. Girl--I'm impressed.
    I love that you're making social eating a goal. I feel like I so rarely eat with others, and I do miss it. I also think it does help with recovery--it helped kind of hold me accountable when I was trying to let go of calorie counting, for example.

    1. Yes, and it's fun to share the food experiences with others too! Hope to keep this up throughout the remainder of the year. And thanks Joyce!