Week in Review: Summer Life

July 03, 2017

Hihi! Popping in real quick on this Monday to share in some list lovin' a la Meghan. I've got holiday off of work tomorrow. Other than that, not much going on to celebrate the 4th of July, which is probably exactly what I need right now with all that's going on. Maybe we'll catch some fireworks. We shall see what the future unfolds but for now time for the past week's accomplishments:  

That natural sun flare effect
  • Started a new show: The Man in the High Castle on Amazon. If you're in to history/historical fiction/alternate realities, I'd recommend it! It's a what if the US had lost WW2 situation and the land was divided under the rule of Germany and Japan. 
  • Posted not once, not twice, but three times! 
  • Work x 3, IOP x 3, classes x 3.
  • Snuck in some class reading in the fresh (HOT!!!) air while hanging at the mall in between appointments. 
  • Every day over the past week I have been trying to start my mornings with meditation (<5 minute Spotify guides) initially to combat my phone scrolling habit. Though I still can't seem to shake the phone thing, I am taking those small steps to get into a meditation practice. Progress not perfection. 

  • Made these rye shortcake biscuits, perfectly paired with The Bachelorette 
  • Also in the kitchen, cornmeal and honey waffle stuffed with shredded zucchini inside. As satisfying as this was, I still can't manage to get my waffles to crisp up!! Urgh. Got any suggestions? 

  • Visited an night street market downtown and treated myself to a lip sugar scrub. How's that for some self-care?? 
  • Squeezed in a celebration of both Popsicle Week and the US Independence Day last night with a creamy yogurt and berry popsicle (pictured all the way up there) 
  • Taking care of aunt's dog along with my dad and sister over the long weekend. We took her out to the dog park where she lasted a good 15 minutes before calling it quits. Tired of all the "socializing," a very introverted doggo indeed.

Again, any tips for how to make waffles crispy? 
What do you have planned for the 4th?
Have you tried a sugar scrub before? 

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  1. I struggle with making crispy waffles too. I even leave them on longer than when the green light goes off but they still seem to soften up. Sorry I'm no help, but they still look delicious!

    1. I waited for the light this time too! Glad to know I am not alone in this struggle. 😁

  2. Waffles need a good amount of fat to be crispy: about 1/4 cup of oil or melted butter for every cup of flour. My mother taught me that one. I also have a lower-fat waffle recipe I really like that also calls for zucchini, but yeah, it doesn't really get crispy at all.
    Hope you're enjoying your holiday off! What a busy summer you've had. :)

    1. Ooooh! Will definitely try that out next time. I oiled the waffle maker itself but probably didn't have enough fat in the waffle itself! Thanks Joyce!

  3. That sounds like a good week to me. Even if your waffles weren't "perfect", they do look amazing. As do that popsicle and your nail colour. Did you just layer natural yoghurt and some blended with berries?
    An introverted dog? That would be my soul animal ;).
    I hope you're enjoying a wonderfully laid-back holiday! It doesn't always require giant celebrations to have a good day.

    1. Good breakfasts, neon nails and popsicles are the best of summer by far. That popsicle was actually bought from a local popsicle place! I think they mix in honey/sweetener with their yogurt base and they've kept their fruits pretty chunky rather than blended. When I've made popsicles in the past, I would layer the fruit at the bottom then just plonk the yogurt on top. I

  4. Hooray for days off, delicious eats and self care. I really need to get back into meditation. It's so refreshing when done regularly.

    Good luck with the waffles. I don't even have a maker so I've got nothing on the advice front there.

    1. I have been really enjoying the meditation. Even just a few minutes in the day can make a difference!

  5. Eh, girl, way to go starting a mediation practice and trying to shake up your mornings. That is really hard to do!! As I think we've discussed already... re: habits and routines being hard to break. Five minutes each morning is a perfect way to start. Keep it going and keep having patience with yourself.

    Three times a charm was really a thing for you last week eh? I'm absolutely hopeless with waffles. I finally threw my crappy maker out the other week as I gave in to the fact that it will NEVER yield good results. So I'm just waiting to get myself a good machine, then I'll let you know if I find the secret to success. Thank you Joyce and her mom for their tip!!

    1. Thanks Cora! Surprisingly still keeping up with the mini-meditations in the morning. Whoa, that was a mouthful of an alliteration.
      I think this is exactly why I prefer pancakes. Less chance of it going awry.