Recent Eats: June

July 02, 2017

Six months down in 2017 and six to go! What is this madness?!!? Looking back at the past half a year, it's hard to imagine how the next half can top it food-wise. 

Wanted to say again that this is not meant to be a comparison post. I hope to inspire y'all with some of my meals. I am not here to be a role model for your eating or to make you feel worse or better about yourself. I just wanna share some foodie love! We have our own bodies, minds, needs, feelings, lives and we will eat differently.

Eggs on eggs on eggs on eggs

I swear each month I have an ode to eggs. We should basically call this recap Recent Eggs and not recent eats. What's more is that as I type this I am also having eggs for breakfast... It was eggs in all sorts of cooking techniques: Poached, fried, scrambled, clouded, baked. Doesn't help that one of the plays I watched literally has a song about eggs.

Pictured I have:

  •  Naturally Ella's tumeric egg and cauliflower skillet that I threw some leftover potatoes into. In addition, I've also got a tomato chutney on the side also courtesy of Naturally Ella
  • Zucchini scrambler with cotija cheese on top served with a raisin bread roll to satisfy my sweet tooth
  • An attempt at the trendy cloud eggs -- didn't taste as amazing as it seems 
  • Got an egg sweet potato hash bowl one lunch out. It was filled with all the goodies: shrooms, sprouts, tomatoes, guac. 

I've discovered the magic of sauces. Specifically Cora's miso gravy and Naturally Ella's cashew cream. Apparently I am also cooking a lot of Naturally Ella's recipes! This love of sauces might've been sparked by finally breaking out the the food processor I got for Christmas from my parents. And holy cow please tell me why am I only doing this now?! It's so much easier to make things. 😭  I also made carrot energy bites

Whereas last month I seemed to be on a Mediterranean kick, I have been really into Mexican flavors in this one. Picked up a tub of Better Bean Cuban black beans and I definitely need another one. Also got a jar of salsa from my favorite local brand. This flavor was a beer infused one! (RIGHT?!!) Plus, I've been adding summer corn, tomatoes, avocados everywhere I can.

I also realized I almost made it through the post without including something sweet! But it wouldn't be right of me to not share ice cream, one of the best parts of summer. 🍦

  • Chile pecan ice cream with a side of Netflix
  • Blueberry and peach crisp (not ice cream but equally delicious)
  • A scoop of pistachio and a scoop of lemon gelato to 
  • Cashew milk ice cream with a work leftover: chocolate, oatmeal and cranberry cookie

I may have already asked this buuut favorite way to eat eggs or a new way you want to try eggs? 
What are you looking forward to in the remaining months of 2017?

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  1. Yay you made the miso gravy! And yay for falling in love with your processor! It is seriously my favorite tool in the kitchen. I'd be so sad without it.

    1. That gravy was the bomb! And yes!! How did I go this long without a food processor?!!