Week in Review: Remembering Self Compassion

July 24, 2017

Whoa. What an event-filled week this was.

With the struggles I faced on Wednesday, it was a great time to put into practice being more compassionate towards myself. Whether this be in the small changes in my mental outlook or in actual acts of love and self-care, I think this overreaching idea of self-compassion was my biggest accomplishment of the past week. Slowly but surely (fingers crossed!) will this become second nature for me.

Linking up with Meghan to detail the other happenings of the week:

Went to Starbucks twice in one week. The first was spent catching up with my dear friend and former roomie. We try to meet up at least once a month and I've grown to appreciate our time together even if it's just an hour or two. Not-so-low-key also went to Starbucks to get bonus stars and earn 'em rewards.

Buying butter(!!!) for the first time in AGES. Uhhh, whaaat?!!

Not beating myself up for skipping a day of morning meditation. Or for forgetting to ask for a decaf macchiato that second time around at Starbucks though my evening self regretted it deeply.

Without my knowing at the time, attended my last full session of IOP. Still a lot of mixed feelings.

Dinner with a side of not-for-profit accounting
Reached out to my mom for lunch last Friday after getting that unexpected 'boot' from treatment. Also had a post-work dinner with her on Saturday. Will be trying to incorporate more social/supported meals to compensate for the lack of outpatient support that IOP used to provide.

Ugly crying almost all day, every day. Letting it all out and remembering to breathe.

Made an inspired, delicious and nutritious breakfast quinoa bowl with a poorly fried egg, zaatar toasted nuts, arugula & cotija cheese

Before the play began...
Thursday evening was another monthly book club meeting, which went longer than I wanted it to. As usual, I had planned for it to end at a certain time so I could get home and accomplish XYZ. This accompanied with an overall tiredness consequently made me irritable. On the plus side, I noticed myself becoming irritable. Baby steps towards mindfulness.

One woman from the book club had free tickets Shakespeare in the Park and invited us to watch with her the following evening. It was good and I absolutely LOVED being outdoors in the evening but kinda unusual though I'm not sure if maybe all of these types of these plays are like this; it was Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor...but set in a 1940s British-ruled India, which was confusing. What's also unusual is for me to be this social and go out two days in a row especially with the same people. I don't wanna say I am not longer feeling guilty for 'wasting time,' though I also don't think I am pushing down those feelings of guilt. I think the guilt is still subtly there. Is this what engaging in life feels like???

...And 2 hours later

Spent more time at a board game meetup than I had originally intended to but was still able to get stuff done afterwards. Being one hour behind my made-up schedule won't kill me. 

Another selfie because Monday.
Took some selfies even if I wasn't feeling all too great. 

How are you doing with being compassionate towards you? 
Best thing you ate in the past week! 
Have you ever attended Shakespeare in the park or something like it?

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  1. Self-compassion is an accomplishment, and not an easy one at that. Sounds like there were some really tough moments this week, not the least of which was having to leave IOP. I hope that you continue to find ways to get the support you need!
    There's a Shakespeare festival in Boulder and I really want to go see their productions. Sometimes Shakespeare set in alternative times/places can work, and sometimes, yeah, it's weird.
    Feel free to shoot me an email if you ever want to talk.

  2. Ahhh!!! Thank you so much for this Joyce. Will definitely be taking you up on that email offer in the future. Feel free to reach out to me too!

  3. Compassion toward ourselves is harder at times than compassion toward others, so kudos for pushing through and making it happen :) Ugly crying is actually totally beautiful...letting out all those feels is something we all need to do more often.

    Mmm the best thing I ate last week was chocolate ice cream + brownies. I've never been to Shakespeare in the park, but I'd like to experience it at some point. I love plays and musicals.

    1. Thanks for the love, Vangie. ❤️ It's been getting easier to not judge myself for crying.
      I love them too! Especially musicals! What are your favorites?

  4. I'm sorry to hear you got booted from the treatment. Why did they do that?

    On the flip side, I'm glad you got out the struggles via tears. It can be so cathartic to have a good cry and I'm thrilled you bought butter. I go through that stuff way too quickly. No shame in my game though.

    I hope this past week was wonderful.

    1. Sadly because I wasn't showing physical progress. If I did continue, it would have to be out of pocket.

      Yes, the crying helped like no other. Butter = scone time!