Recent Eats: July

August 02, 2017

As promised in Monday's weekly review, I have a storm full of delicious pictures coming your way. Like any of my other monthly Recent Eats (See them here: Feb, March, April, May, June), I would like to throw this caveat out there. I am my own person as are you. We each have different bodies and thus different bodily needs. By no means is this supposed to be a post of comparison, jealousy, or shame. I am still working towards a healthier relationship with food. Having said this, I will make note where I split the meal, took it home, ate something more, etc. Just wanna keep it real.

Without further ado, some themes in my meals in the past month:

You know what they say, having avocado every day keeps the doctor away
1. Avocados like nobody's business
  • A quick tostada for dinner. So simple! Take a tortilla (I like mitad mitad ones--half corn, half wheat!). Line rim with avocado and crack egg into the shallow well. Top with toppings. In my case, cotija cheese and grape tomatoes.
  • The based egg in avocado combo never gets old. This time paired with these sweet potato falafel things. The falafel was good but I wouldn't necessarily call it falafel... More like mini fritter-patties. Fratties. 😝
  • More of said sweet potato patties with mashed avocado & salsa in between a toasted (really toasted) wheat wrap. 

2. Getting savory -- tried some awesome recipes that were takes on usually sweet things like...

  • Carrot Cake. Yes that isn't sweet!!!!  Topped mine with a Greek yogurt because it was what I had in the fridge. As a side note, when did these things get a sweet rep?? Why must they be categorized as sweet or savory? Is there no grey between?  
  • Granola. I subbed the pistachios and pumpkin seeds for squash seeds I had previously roasted that were sitting in the pantry. Delicious with other foods but equally good on its own. Here I ate it on top of yogurt with soy broccoli and sriracha. 

3. Refreshing Drinks - Despite a "cold front" coming through in Dallas and a relatively mild summer already, I've been craving cold things in the form of smoothies. For example...

  • A lil baby drink, which was the perfect size for 1/2 a brunch I ate in Austin. I also got this sausage casserole. And because I like my veggies, shared some sauerkraut on the side. 
  • This fresh fig & grape one from Golubka Kitchen. My dietician has recommended I try kefir to help with my leaky gut so I picked up a bottle of the plain flavor to try. I learned that I absolutely hated the taste of its on its own--like a super thin yogurt. Blech. When mixed into things like smoothies or overnight oats though, it's actually good. 

Cheese game strong

Even with July weather, I won't be stopped from turning on the stove and oven. Made my take on zucchini lasagna. Polenta grits for my grain plus cheese to make it rain.

Finally, not so much a trend but it's fun to just share the random things I've tried at restaurants.

  • A oil-poached tuna salad nicoise (minus the egg because I don't like hard-boiled eggs 😁) Dill potatoes, tomatoes, fresh green beans, olives. Mmmmm... 
  • Fried eggplant biscuit sandwich with L, T and white cheddar cheese. Dying to go back to this place and try their cauliflower one! 
  • Rosemary chicken and asparagus pizza made even better with the accompaniment of my mother. I had a couple of slices as did she. We took the leftovers home. 
  • This HUGE grain bowl that I ate in Vegas last weekend. Saw this place on The Cutting Veg's Instagram and was dead set on trying it. Aside from the buttload of freekeh,  it had tzatziki sauce, pickled onions, eggplant, zucchini, marinated tomatoes and spiced chickpeas. 

Hope that leaves you eyes satisfied with eats til next month! Let me know what you've been enjoying lately!

Have you ever had something traditionally sweet as savory (or vice versa--eg. bacon on donuts, salted caramel, tahini desserts)?
Thoughts on kefir? 
What are you looking forward to in August? 

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  1. Savory carrot cake and granola? I like the sound of that. Do you have a recipe for either? And fratties sound deliciously naughty. I'm basically drooling over here.

    1. I've got to coin that term for sure.
      Yes I do! I did tweak them a bit but here they are:
      Here's the granola:
      And here's the cake: