Must-Reads of the Week (27)

July 14, 2017

Happy Friday friends!! I am headed to Austin for a weekend trip and thought I'd leave y'all with some reading to do over the next few days.

As much as I am incredibly grateful for the powers of the internet, this New Yorker article perfectly describes the nostalgia I have for a time pre-Internet, or more specifically pre-smartphones with Internet capabilities. The ability to create our own fun and be truly connected through disconnection, to not be distracted.

There's been a lot of controversy around To The Bone, the Netflix original that was released just today. Here are some things to know prior to watching. Also, slightly comforted to know that the cast and crew released a video on truths of eating disorders. hoping they play it before the movie I am likely going to watch the movie as I don't really find those types of things to be particularly triggering for me but please be . You know what is healthiest for your recovery.

Coming from someone who struggles to make meaningful, lasting friendships Robyn's advice was on point. 

I am sooo victim to digital amnesia, relying on my phone for basically everything. More aptly put:  

our ability to remember details of our day-to-day lives are declining as we grow more dependent on technology.

Really want to try these Headspace tips and tricks out, which is also in line with combatting those frustrations I shared a couple of weeks back. One way I feel I can easily work on this is by not using Google Maps and becoming better with directions and trusting my instincts. 

On unlearning and relearning what it means to be healthy

Oh my golly good gosh. After reading these cleaning tips, I realized how much I really need to clean more. On the plus side, I learned I've been over-washing my jeans so yay for potentially less laundry.  


Thank you Kylie for reminding me something I've been realizing more and more: a meal is not always going to be as glamorous as expected. Happiness ≠ food. Food is food. 

Finally, Joyce's 3 Reasons for Body Nonjudgment for anyone struggling with body image acceptance or wants more body positivity in their lives. 

Your thoughts on To The Bone? 
Any other cleaning habits/tips you suggest?
What is one thing you can do to decrease your digital amnesia? 

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