Week in Review: Challenging the Guilt

April 10, 2017

Happy Monday! Last week I shared my frustrations around feeling lazy. This time around I definitely still felt those guilty feels. But rather than get sucked into the shame spiral, I allowed myself to feel what I did instead of judging myself for it. For this week's listing of accomplishments, I've come up with the ways I challenged the guilt and self-pity in the past 7 days. In case it wasn't already clear, linking up again with Meghan, Miss WIR herself! 

  • Watched TWO movies over the weekend. Finally saw Beauty and the Beast with my friend that I promised I'd go see it with. The second one was Your Name, a critically acclaimed animated Japanese film that I watched with my cousin. The plot and soundtrack were amazing! Watching movies especially in the theater is definitely something that fuels my guilt. As opposed to on Netflix, when I'm in the dark theater I can't multitask and can't justify the hours spent doing "nothing." So challenge more than accepted--challenged enjoyed! 
  • Another guilt-inducing activity is spending money on myself specifically when it comes to food (Why hello edesia!). I took myself out to try a new coffee shop and bought a strawberry cream cheese loaf slice. More expensive than I would have liked it to be but learning to let it go. 

  • Left a good chunk of my to-do list unchecked. Obviously guilt-inducing for my Type A personality. 
  • Last Tuesday was free cone day at Ben and Jerry's and luckily my university has one right on campus! A couple of friends and I went after class got out. Kinda felt bad about having ice cream for lunch and for time spent doing things I didn't "have to" do. Luckily (again) the line looked much longer than it actually was so glad we stuck it out. Reminded myself that this only happens once a year. Gotta take advantage of that free food! 

Americone Dream FTW. 
  • Attended a chili cook-off on behalf of the cooking org on campus. Felt bad about a) not being able to help out as much as I should have given I am an officer of the club and b) "wasting" my afternoon away not doing anything productive to-do-list-wise. We did end up winning 3rd place and I tasted all the chili entries. 
  • Because of how time consuming it can be (sense a theme yet?), I rarely apply make-up.  I promised I would try it out a couple of times this week and was fairly satisfied with the outcome. Paired with yoga pants and a pajama-esque boyfriend tee perfect mix of looking like I both tried and didn't simultaneously. Yay for taking steps to self-confidence! 

  • Unexpectedly had dinner (fettucine with a fried egg, greens, garlic and salty Filipino fish) with my parents on Saturday night. I hadn't gone grocery shopping for the week and had basically no food at my apartment so I asked if I could join them. Also spent the night there, which made me feel bad about how often I spend time with my parents. Like, what kind of college student am I!?? 
  • Please forgive me because I rushing this one today; I have a presentation during my first class and am feeling completely under prepared. Attempting again to breathe in and accept the guilt rather than succumb to it. What has happened has happened. Ooommm. So finally, writing this post when I should probably be preparing for said presentation. 

What are some of your favorite non-Disney animated films?
Do any of these activities induce feelings of guilt for you?
How do you feel about class presentations or presentations in general? 

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  1. Hooray for Free Cone Day! I thankfully (?) work within walking distance of a Ben and Jerry's and absolutely went on Tuesday. Haha!

  2. Have most probably felt guilty about each of these things at some point. But, take it from me... I'm living proof that they more you practice it, the quieter the guilt comes. I think I'm at the point where it TRIES to peek its nose around the corner, so I still see it there, but then it just slinks back out. Cause it knows I ain't got TIME for no guilt. Keep practicing all these things. Its work, but it'll get better :).

    Free cone!? No way you can pass that up. Free food of any kind needs to always be taken advantage of. Oh, and about spending time with your parents? You're talking to a girl a number of years older than you who calls and wants to spend more time with her parents than ever before. Its okay.

    1. Thank you for always knowing what to say, Cora. I am slowly learning to let the guilt go or at least not take it against myself for feeling it. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.