Recent Eats: March

April 02, 2017

Just like that, the year is 25% over. I swear, I literally almost wrote January while taking notes last week. How did we even get here?!?? The next weeks leading up to my graduation (T-minus: 6 weeks) are going to be jam-packed (and not in a good filled doughnut kind of way). Fortunately, if the past month is any indication, the next one will be also packed with scrumptious food. 

Again, wanted to point out that my hope in posting some of the past month's delicious eats is not to be a point of comparison--to make you feel worse or better about yourself--but rather to inspire and share a love for food. Remember, you have your own body, mind, feelings, life. We are two different people. Without further ado...

Looking back, I noticed themes that emerged in my meals. During March, after buying a 2-dozen egg carton from CostCo, I was on a eggy high. Exhibit A: this recipe I posted just last week. Other delicious egg-filled eats included: 
  1. A warm collards salad with tasso, pecans and a fried egg at a BBQ place over by Ft. Worth-- split with my mother for lunch as our app. 
  2. Hopped on that tumeric poached egg train with this panzanella salad with beets
  3. Made with my own veggie broth with all the scraps I had saved. Served it with barley and more poached eggs.
  4. Gotta post this again because it was just that good--bacon, egg, avocado and black bean toast. Can I get a hell yes? 👏

Also seemed to veer toward veggie-based sammies. These pictures do not do the deliciousness justice. Still staying firm on my theory that the ugliest pictures actually taste the best IRL.
  1. Frozen veggie burger with a carrot & feta slaw
  2. Hot sauce glazed tempeh with a quick savoy cabbage slaw
  3. Hummus, carrot and cilantro pesto sandwich

Even made a pancake-apple-prune-AB sandwich stack for breakfast one morning. Can't forget about the sweet side of things!!

Another plus of going back to school life is my first classes begin at 10:00 AM, which means I get my long mornings back. I still get up way earlier than most college-aged kids do but it sure is fulfilling to be productive first thing in the day or to make myself a breakfast like these balsamic onion, mushroom and swiss buckwheat crepes. 

It ooks like my oats obsession is growing. Seriously, for all the overnight oats I have been having lately, you would think summer had already arrived here in Texas. Also, Kylie's overnight oat bars are life-changing. How can just changing the shape (jar --> bar) make such a difference?!! 

What are some of your go-to foods as of late?
What is your favorite memory from March?
What are you looking forward to in April?  

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  1. My god those buckwheat crepes with swiss!? And that pancake stack - baha! That's a work of art. I've had those overnight oat bars on my list for a long time. I was a curious but hesitant, so now that I've gotten your recommendation I'm definitely going to give them a shot.