Must-Reads of the Week (23)

April 22, 2017

It's been almost a month since I last shared some wonderful links with y'all. That is not to say I haven't been reading anything good. I have definitely been gobbling them up. I was originally going to say, that considering what point it is in the semester, I've been "wasting" too much time browsing the interweb but I decided against it. It's been a rough few weeks. I am currently feeling emotionally exhausted, unmotivated, and anxious--not a healthy combination. On the bright side, this allowed me to continue to practice showing compassion towards myself and my feelings. Included in this self-compassion is enriching my mind with the fulfilling thoughts of others, not a waste of time if it brings me joy and inspiration. Here are a few of the ones I found that did just that.

Oooh, also a happiest of Earth Days to our beautiful planet.

1. Intuitive Eating ≠ Avoiding "Bleh" Foods - A misconception I had had about intuitive eating was that it's "supposed to" make you feel good all the time. That if you somehow ate something you didn't like or enjoy it was wrong. That feeling overly full was a bad thing. Obviously, this is my black and white thinking coming into play. Loved loved loved getting reminded of my intuitive eating really is.


2. How to Detox Your Inbox - As summer approaches, I am beginning to create my summer to-do list (of course I create to-do lists for myself over the summer. Oh, Kaylee). Included on this is cleaning up my email inbox. A healthy kind of detox.

3. Best Vegetarian Finds at Trader Joe's - Note to self to shop at TJ's more often. Seriously. So many good items that I must try. Plus, it's relatively on the cheap side. I can personally attest to that mixed nut butter by the way.

Carrot loaf + mangoes + that nut butter drizzle = YUMZ x 10

4. 27 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health - For all those who are currently feeling anxious, depressed, alone, scared, hopeless, please know you are not alone. Please make time for yourself to do these easy steps. You are worthy and you are loved and you deserve to feel good. Meditate, make lists, get creative, go outside, read, de-clutter your life. Take it one day--one moment at a time.

Also on the note of mental health...

5. Supporting Those Struggling with Mental Illnesses - Again, the lovely Leah provided wonderful advice. As someone who both struggles and has loved ones that have struggled and continue to struggle, it's been a process learning what helps and what doesn't. As much as it can vary from person to person, situation to situation, she breaks down the basics of how to be there for those you know who are battling mental illnesses.

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