Week in Review: (Kinda) Short & (Sorta) Sweet

April 24, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! This is my last week of official classes as an undergrad student. Crazy to think about. Having said this, I have one last group project that I am struggling to push through. It's been causing a lot of stress and anxiety for me so I am incredibly looking forward to being rid of it (Less than 72 hours!) Plus, the senioritis is real; my motivation has been at a steady -4. And the guilty feelings from this lack of motivation has been skyrocketing. Siiiigh I really must focus and put my big girl pants on; however, I wanted to quickly say hello and type up some of this week's accomplishments

  • Attended the end-of-the-semester pot luck that the cooking club I'm a part of on-campus holds. My contribution was chocolate coffee blondies that unfortunately ended up more crumbly than I desired. Someone made tomato soup and brought matzo (since he's Jewish and it was still passover at the time) that we broiled with harvati cheese. Basically like grilled cheese and tomato soup. 
  • Went to get my car inspected and sent in my annual registration!
  • Made Cora's chickpea dosas. Mine were 1/2 chickpea flour & 1/2 ww flour then stuffed with my own take on the chickpea curry filling. Copied her even further by serving them with fresh tomatoes! 

  • Posted some of my favorite recent reads on the blog
  • Also baked a pan tramvai, which apparently is this Italian raisin bread. Literally overflowing with raisins. Made mine with golden ones. I've probably said this before but I will say it again because it still holds true: nothing compares to freshly baked bread. 
  • Finally changed my bed sheets! 
  • Impromptu signed up for a yoga class on Friday night, which unfortunately was more intense than I thought it was going to be but I made it through! Super inspired by the quote they had on their chalk wall: 

  • Caught up on Quantico with my roomie. As confused as I am as to what's going on, I am seriously glad Caleb is back. 
  • Went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to take couple-y shots of my sister and her boyf. The weather was perfect so it was awesome to get outdoors. See the first picture waaay up there.  I got paid in ice cream so that's always a plus, too. 
  • Claimed my graduation guest tickets. T-minus 19 days!!

Do you like group projects? What role do you typically take on?
Have you ever had matzo?
What are you looking forward to this week? 

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  1. I think you should practice doing nothing and being OK with it. It's something we could all improve upon. We're so wrapped up as a society in doing all the things, we end up feeling guilty when we take time to relax and recharge.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. As silly as it is, I think I should too. One of my favorite sayings is that we're human beings not human doings. Got to live by that more.

  2. Eh you made the dosas!! I hope you enjoyed them! You can stuff those babies with anything.

    Your last week. Wow. Time flies, huh? Any sort of work or project when you can see the end sooooo clearly in sight is ALWAYS such a struggle. There is absolutely no motivation at this time. You just gotta put those pants on... and do it. Get it done. Be grumpy about it. But then its all over! I look forward to hearing how you practice some down time after this week is over. And then to hear what is next.

    Also. Well done on the bedsheets. Most impressive of all.

    1. They were delicious! I saved some of the dosas and will probably try filling them with scrambled eggs.

      Thanks, Cora! Yes, time is an amazing thing. I powered thru!