Must-Reads of the Week (8)

March 04, 2016

1. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW AND GO WATCH THE FINDING DORY TRAILER. 13 years after Finding Nemo came out, we only have to wait 3 more months weeeeeeee!!! Pixar movies will never get old, no matter my age.

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2. This post from Sundaes for the Soul seriously read my mind. Being vulnerable is extremely difficult for me. As Meghan points out, it's all about letting go of control. My sense of control stems from my lack of trust in people, myself, life as a whole. If I could control everything around me--including others and their feelings--then I wouldn't have to rely on trust. But as scary as it is, vulnerability is essential to being human and feeling connected. Also, I completely second listening to/reading/watching anything Brene Brown! (Though I have yet to read her other books....)

3. Speaking of vulnerability.... What's more "raw" than all the stories on the What I Be project website?? Individuals embracing their insecurities, revealing them to the world but declaring that they don't define who they are. After exploring the ED related ones, I found one that spoke to me. I am not my eating disorder. I am not my control. I am not my imperfections perfectionism. I am not my worry. I am not my problems.

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Anyone who says that perfectionism is about being perfect is wrong. Rather, it is about searching enduringly for imperfection.

4. My OCD-ness was freaking out a little bit because I didn't have 5 reads to post this week like I normally do. But honestly, I need to give myself some slack. What's wrong with having less or more than that? It's far from the end of the world if I don't stay consistent. So there.

What upcoming movie releases are you excited for??
Fill in the blank: I am not my ________. 

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  1. Soooo excited for Finding Dory! I'm also really excited to see Zootopia, it looks way too cute. Clearly, I'm a sucker for animated movies haha! Also love Brene Brown!! I just finished Daring Greatly and can't wait to read all of her other books. Pretty sure I've listened to every podcast she's been on, she's one of my faves <3

    1. Yes! Animated movies will never get old. I swear I'm some strange sort of old lady/kid hybrid. Have you seen the trailer for The Secret Life of Pets??