Must-Reads of the Week (9)

March 11, 2016

Spring break is finally here!!!!! Though the weather here makes it seem like it's supposed to be May. Rain + temps in the high 70s? What kind of Spring is this?!! I don't have anything too exciting going on over the next week so I'm going to try to use my time wisely and get ahead on all the craziness (projects/papers) to come in the second half of the sem. I've got internship interviews coming up too, which means even more stress. At least I can use this as the perfect excuse to go shopping for "professional" clothes, yeah?

Spring in Texas

Now for some links....

1. These stop motion videos are TOO CUTE! I seriously wish I had the creativity and the patience to do something like this. Love that mini-avocado toast. 🍞 + 🍳 + 🍐 (Yes, I know that's a pear but how can we be in 2016 and not have an avocado emoji yet?!!)

2.  I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that Pokemon is 20 years old. Like whaaaaat. In a completely apt manner, I took the which Pokemon are you Buzzfeed quiz this week! *insert drumroll here*

I am probably the worst trainer ever. I started the Sapphire game over 10 years ago and I still haven't gotten all my badges. Whoops. Also, I would only try to catch the "cute Pokemon." So honestly, I am disappointed with my result. 😞 The only reason I even remotely like Alakazam is because its evolution (Abra --> Kadabra --> Alakazam) was absolutely mind-blowing for my 10-year-old self. 

3. Note to self, Kaylee: 22 Food Rights to Remember During Your Recovery. My favorites are 13 & 20!

4. Have yet to try this technique out but closed pistachios annoy the heck out of me. I pick the accidentally shelled ones first from the bag of unshelled pistachios. Maybe I should just buy pre-shelled pistachios.... It's hard to believe that before college, I hated nuts. Only a few years later, weirdly enough, nuts (esp. almonds, pecans, pistachios & walnuts!) are a staple in my pantry.

5. Last Tuesday, March 8th, was both national pancake day AND international women's day. So belated happy international women's day to all my fellow ladies out there! I hope you had your fill of fluffy, fluffy pancakes because sadly I did not. Booooo. I read this post about the pressures of being a woman in this day and age. About the judgment of not doing everything, about how every choice we make will be the wrong one. It was an interesting perspective on the negative side of women's liberation. The author goes so far to say she actually wants to marry her daughter off young to save her from all the comparison today. It definitely made me think twice. Would love to hear what you think about it!

Because ultimately what it means to be a woman in my generation is to be left wondering how I could have inherited so many opportunities, many more than the women before me, yet be left feeling exhausted and confused.

Have you ever made a stop-motion video?
Did you play (or watch) Pokemon growing up? If so, who's your favorite? 
Pistachios--yay or nay? 

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