Must-Reads of the Week (11)

March 30, 2016

Another long week is almost over; I can see the the light at the end of the tunnel! Haven't got too much going on this weekend, which is more than fine with me. If I hadn't mentioned before, I'm doing 3 weeks of interviews (with socials the evenings before) for an accounting program I'm in. It's been nice to come home, turn my brain off a little bit and get cozy in my unmade bed. So here are some less intense links that caught my attention:

1. I'm on a Hamilton high after my sister introduced me to the musical over Spring break. The lyrics are super catchy, the songs are practically rap, there's history involved. What's not to like? I just HAD to take this Buzzfeed quiz because I have a Buzzfeed problem. (I can't stop doing their daily crosswords no matter how terrible I am at them) In other recent musical news, RENT, A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder and Finding Neverland are all showing in the Dallas this broadway season. There goes my wallet....

2. Read Foodiecology's healthy living ABCs a few days ago. Thought it was a super fun idea! Using this as inspiration to make my own at some point. Stay tuned!

3. I had leftover canned pumpkin from making that chocolate cake so THIS LOAF happened (but I still have leftover pumpkin sitting in the fridge....aaaaawkward) Happy half Halloween!!! Yes, I am making that validation for my use of pumpkin. Though why does Fall have to get all the fun? Spring deserves some punkin' lovin' too. And you only need one bowl?! Yes puh-lease. Kaylee: 1, Dishes: 0.

This tastes better than it looks I promise!

4. Sleep Habits of College Students -- Interesting to see how others live. On the topic of sleep, I have not been sleeping well these past couple of weeks. Blame it on my subconscious anxiety for these interviews, these horrible allergies, still not adjusting to daylight saving time, whatever. I am far from your average college student; I am a morning person as much as I hate to admit it. Even on weekends, I am awake by 7:30, which is an ungodly time for most. I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. My typical bedtime routine involves some form of reading, blogging or writing. I'm usually in bed by midnight but my mind has pretty much shut off waaaay before then. I wouldn't be able to function if I had to stay up all night. Sad, but true.

5. I think I found my new pick-me-up song! Try hard not to dance with this song. Even though my musical tastes have expanded since high school, The Maine will always remain one of those that I keep coming back to. P.S. Please know that wherever, whoever, whatever you are right at this moment, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Here's what the lead singer writes:
You are beautiful because your eyes are different sizes and your lisp gets in between your tongue and teeth every time you try to say "something". You are beautiful because the scar under your chin looks like a spider and because you have a massive fear of heights. You are beautiful because there never has been, nor will there every be anyone else on this Earth like you. Because your flaws are like fingerprints and should be embraced just like the free will that resides inside. You are not beautiful because of the symmetry in the little squares on your telephone, you are beautiful because "you" are the only "you" this place will ever know. -John C. O'Callaghan V.
Got any simple ways to use pumpkin? (I am desperate 😭 )
What's your bedtime routine? Are you a morning person? 
Name one of your go-to feel-good songs! 

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