Self-love Sunday: A Note To My Hands

February 28, 2016

We all have our own body insecurities. One (of several) are my hands: Too long, lanky, scrawny fingers that are completely disproportional to the rest of my body (i.e. short). They remind me of spider webs.

Awk Hands Exhibit 1

Awk Hands Exhibit 2 
Awk Hands Exhibit 3

Awk Hands Exhibit 4
Awk Hands Exhibit 5
Before when I looked in the mirror, I saw everything wrong with myself--and it wasn't just the physical side. I judged who I was; I criticized myself for not being who I wasn't. My list definitely could have gone on past my hands but I'm trying not to do that anymore. And when I catch myself doing so, I like to change my perspective and put a positive spin on it instead. I'm not saying to never feel insecure about them. But to credit your insecurities for the good things too rather than always focusing on what you dislike.

When beets attack

Blood, sweat and a buttload of patience went into making this

Throughout high school, I was mocked for always talking with my hands (see Exhibit 3 above). I hated it. Now, I still talk with my hands and use them to express myself but my outlook has changed. I started to list all the little things that my awkward (and unforgettable!) hands have allowed me to do, things I typically take for granted. Somehow I ended up writing a poem....? So here's my attempt at being poetic:

A Note To My Hands
These hands
that let me type these words
key by key by key by--
that held on to my mama when I was in the doctor's office, terrified of getting a shot
that allow me to lose all the thumb wrestling wars
that someday will have a ring around it that perfectly fits
that let me scratch my back just now
that turned pages upon pages
that knead and need

without you I wouldn't have been able to reach a key over an octave on the piano
I wouldn't have these totally paintable fingernails
I wouldn't have crocheted scarves or planted potatoes or built sandcastles
I wouldn't have touched my toes in yoga
I wouldn't have crossed my fingers wishing wanting waiting...

These hands
that let me be
without you I wouldn't be me

What body part do you dislike and why are you thankful for it?
Name your favorite polish color!! 
Which Oscar nominated movies have you seen/are rooting for? (Completely unrelated buuuut I'm watching the Academy Awards right now sooo)

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  1. This is a really beautiful post Kaylee <3 I used to be really self conscious about my small boobs, but now I'm grateful that I can comfortable live life without a bra :)
    I haven't painted my nails in like a year, but my go to colours are dark grey, black, red, or turquoise. Fun fact: I used to be obsessed with nail art and would paint my nails 3-4 times a week and had the craziest nail polish collection. But eventually it started frustrating me more than I was enjoying it and stopped. Then jobs I was doing didn't allow nail polish, so I just haven't painted them haha.

    1. Thank you so much, Leah. ❤︎
      I would love to see some of your old nail art! I see how it can be frustrating though. I can't do anything other than paint my nails normally and even that gets annoying.