Must-Reads of the Week (10)

March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patty's day! For all of you not wearing green today, I am sending you virtual pinches. I've got a full day but more on that tomorrow.

Festive socks for the win!

Here are some links that are completely unrelated to St. Patrick's Day!

1. Another week, another Buzzfeed quiz.

I tried to find the meaning of Lakynn but it took so many failed Google attempts then I found this: "Form of Catherine, Follower of Christ, Anointed, Pure." Hmmm... Side Note: I was always jealous of those with i's in their names. I wanted to be that cool girl who dots her i's with hearts, stars, or swirlies. I never wanted to change my name per se but if I could, I would change the spelling to Kaylie.

2. Through my recovery, I'm learning to live more in the moment. To be in the present rather than constantly worrying about the future. But mindfulness has been a tricky thing for me. I second guess myself and feel like I'm doing this mindfulness thing in the "wrong" way. I read this article and I have to admit it reassured me that maybe I am becoming more self-aware than I give myself credit for.

3. "Body positivity is a mindset not a goal." ---> YES. I love this piece on the ups and downs that come with learning to accept your body. We all have our bad hair days, days where we feel like crap and look the part too, days where no matter what goes well, we'll always pick apart our flaws. But there are also those days when you can look at the mirror, think "Hell yeah, I look good." and mean it 100%, with all your heart.

4. Oh, how I wish I had graphic design skills to make calligrams like these. My favorites = 5, 8, 11, 23 & 41!

Calligram, noun - a word or piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters creates a visual image related to the meaning of the words themselves. 

5. There are no words to explain how this poem called You Are More Than A Body makes me feel. Remember your body is only temporary; it is your soul that endures.

If you could change your name, would you? To what?
Have you tried practicing mindfulness?
How are you celebrating (or not) St. Patrick's Day? 

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