Must-Reads of the Week (26)

June 24, 2017

Happy, happy weekend! I've got a bunch of wonderful links to share that have been accumulating in my Drafts for far too long now. Sooo here it goes:

What Happened When I Quit Exercise. Right before recovery, I was starting to feel stuck in my exercise rut. I didn't enjoy it. I felt compelled to do it because I had been exercising 5-6 x times week for the past year or so. Like the author, it allowed me to avoid my feelings or isolate myself socially. Go watch a movie? Nope, have to go to Zumba class. Late-night snack run? Can't cuz I have to get up in the morning to go for an actual run. Like the author, I'm looking forward to redefining my relationship with working out.

Buzzfeed speaks to my inner old lady soul with these jokes on being a homebody

Basically me 

Overthinking, high standards, lack of self-trust--Can 100% relate to Why Deep Thinkers Have The Hardest Time Falling in Love

I am really digging Modern Love right now like this essay on finding someone in this dating-app era or this essay on dating pre-Internet. Also check out the podcast where celebrities (mostly actors and actresses) read past articles. In fact, I recently listened to Titus Burgess (from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). If you want even more, an interview with the editor.

Another Brianna Wiest bit on constructive wallowing and accepting "negative" emotions.
“Bad” things are only the things we do not want to happen, or at least, we think we do not want to happen. “Negative” emotions are just the ones we are resistant to feeling. Once we have accepted them, they neutralize.
Julia does it again with her words by providing a glimpse into what life with an eating disorder is really like

What happens when you intersect two great playwrights? Lin Manuel Miranda (of In The Heights and Hamilton) on the lasting influence of Jonathan Larson (of Rent)

A chef turned blogger explains his angry at society's fads of "healthy" eating. At the end he gives his thoughts on various diet myths like detoxing and eating paleo.

Concrete but totally doable tips to live in the present. Especially gonna need to try out that one on being mindful at red lights.

Anyone else guilty of making excuses to avoid going out?
What do you think about wallowing as a productive thing?
Name some of your techniques on being more present.

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