Must-Reads of the Week (25)

June 11, 2017

Happy Sunday friends! Dropping in to share some of my recently discovered posts from around the interweb though a couple of days after I had intended to. Oops!! Better late than never, yeah? I've either a) come home too tired to think about writing and resort to watching Great British Bake-Off instead or b) completely forgot about the post. Please also feel free to send links my way of what you've enjoyed reading! I'm always up for a good article. Without further ado...


Do you ever procrastinate a task because you think it will take forever to do then when you do it and it takes all of a few minutes, less time than your brain convinced you it would? If so, read this. For me it's putting my shoes away right after I wear them rather than , merely responding to a simple text, cleaning my toilet...the list goes on. Strangely, I feel the more I take my time to do these things--and stop rushing--the less time it actually takes.

Apparently, I am a pissed-off introvert.

Medium article on the importance of cultivating detachment. Detachment from material possessions, relationships, experiences, work, thoughts, time. We often are led to believe that going all-in is what's right but taking a step back, taking yourself out of the equation can provide clarity to the situation.

Alexis' post on embracing your life, learning to live intuitively and flexibly. Seriously, this = goals. 🙌
Don't over-work and under-live

The distinction between satisfaction and fullness. Rachael beautifully presents how although certain foods can provide a physically sensation of fullness they may not fill us mentally/emotionally/spiritually.

BONUS VIDEO that teaches how to be miserable. (Yes, you read that correctly)

Do you/have you tracked your time spent online? Did it help in cutting back? 
Could you relate to being a pissed-off introvert too? 
What satisfying foods have you had this weekend? 

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