Week in Review: Filling in the Gaps

June 26, 2017

I hate wasting time. The go-go-go attitude of mine is actually something I've been addressing in myself. But this semi-skill of always maximizing time, making the most of even the slimmest of gaps, can obviously also work in my favor. With this hectic schedule of work, IOP, classes and attempting to make time for fun, "me" activities, I found this particularly true throughout this past week with awkward breaks in my schedule, not necessarily enough time to go back to my apartment but also too early to go to my next engagement. I used these breaks to fit in random errands. Having said this, I am really hoping to slow down this week. Down time can be productive too.

Joining the party once again for another week of accomplishments. As Meghan says, let's get listing!

  • Started the week with by celebrating my sister's birthday at her favorite ramen place. 🍜  I got the veggie ramen packed with crispy tofu, corn, spinach, fresh ginger, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. All the goodies in one delicious bowl. Usually I avoid soup in the summer (too hot for me!) but it hit the spot given the atypical gloomy weather. 
  • Tuesday was staff appreciation day at work so instead of working we were all treated to a day at Hawaiian Falls, a local water park. Surprisingly there were basically 0 lines. Conquered this ride (I promise it's more terrifying than the video makes it seem). Also, managed to not get away relatively unscathed from sunburns though I can't say the same for some of my coworkers. 
  • Here's my attempt plus the best Siggi's flavor and fresh figs from my sister's boss' tree. You can't imagine how excited I am for fig season!!!
  • In between work and a book club meeting on Thursday,  I went to pick up cleaning supplies and toiletries from Target and exchanged my sister's gift at a make-up store. Back story for that latter one: me being my beauty product inept self purchased the wrong eyeshadow palette that she had asked for. Whoopsies! 😅
  • Then proceeded to said book club gathering! 
  • Survived an emotionally draining week--several group therapy sessions, two individual therapy sessions and an appointment with a potential dietitian...who also happens to be a therapist. Oh, what fun..
  • On that note, in between IOP and that dietitian meeting, got a quick car wash + vacuum only to have it rain the day after. Story of my life. 
  • Grocery shopped, showered, had lunch, finished up this blog post and washed my linens all in the span of 4 hours 👍
Freezer soup to the rescue when the weather is chiller than it should be in June

  • Despite getting up at 5:30 for the morning shift at work on Saturday, I did not fall asleep while watching A Little Night Music with my family later that night.
  • Lastly, got back into journalling again. For example, this page, which was inspired by Kylie's recent post

Hope you all fit in some self-care for yourself this Monday ☺️

Do you find yourself always trying to be "productive" with even the teeniest break in your schedule?
What's your favorite hot weather food? 
Are you a fan of water parks?

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  1. How nice to celebrate with your sister, especially when said celebration includes ramen. Also, fresh figs have been on my foodie bucket list for ages, but they're not sold in grocery stores near me, which is sad. Dried ones are good too though. A big yay for surviving the week. Some times that's all you can do :)

    1. When you do get the chance to try fresh ones, jump at it! Dried ones are delicious too though. Gimme all the figs!!!

  2. Yay for figs! I had some at a wedding this weekend with cheese and crackers, my fav. And aw a staff appreciation day sounds so fun and a like a great team building experience.

    1. I love how figs can be savory or sweet. So sad their season vanishes in the blink of an eye.

  3. Your journaling looks a lot my planning. It gives me all the warm fuzzies.

    I'm impressed with your errand running prowess. I'm not a huge fan of running errands so it always feels so good when they're all done.

    I really want to try a ramen place.

    Last but not least, kudos on all the emotional work. That stuff can be way more draining than anything physical but I know it'll be worth it in the end.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. Journaling/planner decorating is (one of) my happy place.
      It's always shocking to me how it doesn't really take a long time to knock errands out. Convincing myself to actually start is a struggle though.
      Thank YOU Meghan!

  4. How about you transfer some of your fill-in-every-gap ability to me? Because I unfortunately consider myself part of the not so organized population. It's a struggle every day and why I give myself pats on the back every time I manage to squeeze the most into my days. Needless to say, I'm majorly impressed by your productivity.
    Can you believe I've never had Ramen before? It's only now starting to gain popularity over here. In fact, somebody I know is about to open a ramen restaurant in a few months. Your bowl looks and sounds seriously delicious.
    I hope this week won't be as emotionally straining for you. That many therapy sessions, while certainly helpful in a way, clearly take up a lot of mental energy to process.

    1. I am definitely willing to trade! I need some more slowing down and spontaneity in my life honestly.
      I don't think I need to tell you twice to go try it when it does open!
      Thank you ❤️

  5. I didn't know you were a member of a book club. What are y'all reading?
    It sounds like you and I feel about the same way about therapists and dietitians. Oh, what fun is about my reaction too. I'm really sassy with them, too, which isn't very fair. That said, I'm impressed you're sticking with it.

    1. It's a Gilmore Girls type book club so we are reading books mentioned throughout the series. 😁 Just finished The Namesake; the next is going to be Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night!