Week in Review: Smiling through the Stress

December 18, 2017

campus views like this make me forget how stressed i actually am

After a long trip (over 24 hours door to door), got in late Sunday night and surprisingly was able to sleep in until a decent time. Hopefully this isn't going to jinx my jet lag for the next few days. As I write this, it is currently 7:30 Monday morning here in the Philippines (aka still Sunday for all y'all in the US) so I thought I'd get a head start on my weekly review

  • Since I knew I wouldn't be able to do much yoga over the break, I attended an evening session last Monday also to help ease my test nerves 
  • Posted twice on the blog: a WIR and a recent reads post
  • Passed around the cookies I made for my professors 
  • Had a lunch appointment with my dietician for the last time this year. Going to be really strange not getting to see her or my therapist for the next three weeks

how my brain functions during finals
  • Took 3 final exams during my FINAL finals week ever
  • Not the healthiest of achievements but ran on much less sleep than usual (5-6 hours a night) throughout the week as a result of said exams 
  • Cleaned up my apartment on Thursday and Friday like there was no tomorrow....because there wasn't one; my flight took off Saturday morning 😓
  • Closed off the semester with a celebratory bowl of veggie ramen with friends
  • Watched another friend graduate with her Masters. Very hard to believe that my own graduation was over 6 months ago....and my next one is less than 6 months away... 😣
  • Attended yet another friend's Christmas party held at her apartment, which was a lot more fun than I had anticipated 

  • Got a chance to sit down for breakfast in the airport featuring my sister's hand and fork. Got a fried mushroom burger and a latte. 
  • Finished reading Eat, Pray, Love whilst in the air
  • Watched 3 movies on plane too--The Holiday, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (because Zefron) and The Glass Castle
  • Probably the biggest accomplishment of all was making all of the flights. Was extremely worried we'd miss one because of delays and already short layover times. Seriously, it was to the point we had to be escorted from one gate to the next, power-walking the whole way and bypassing security lines. So much anxiety. Luckily though our names weren't being called yet. 😂  

Time for brekky for me! Crossing my fingers that there are Filipino mangoes to me to devour. Also on the schedule today: unpacking, a much-needed wax and dinner with friends. 

Have you ever been late or missed a flight? 
How do you handle jet lag?
What's on the agenda for the rest of the your Monday? 

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  1. Woooooo you made it!!

    I know that feeling of power walking through an airport all too well. Ugh. Not something Id ever choose.

    That being said if there was a fried mushroom burger like that one waiting for me.... dang that looks delicious.

    Yay for handing out all your cookie gifts, seeing friends at parties, and congrats on finishing your exams! Now go enjoy!!!

    1. Thanks Cora! Hope you are smiling despite the stress is your life right now too.
      (Still have to catch up on all your posts. Eek, sorry!)