Must-Reads of the Week (33)

December 31, 2017

I wanted to start the new year off on the right foot with a clean slate. Part of my cleaning up includes decluttering my web browser. Before 2018 comes (uhhh, what?!!), here is a dump of all the posts I had been saving up to share but had yet to do so. Consequently, some of these are from months and months ago. Yet, all of which are still completely relevant or even more so with the supposed fresh start that new years beget. 

With hygge (hue-gah) being such a buzzword nowadays, how to host a holiday party full of all the coziness feels

Christmas may be over but but the season of self-giving can be celebrated throughout the year

Thinking already of my reading challenge for 2018, here's an interactive way to navigate this past year's top books. As usual, so many books and so little time.

You might've seen this article floating around the web on what self-care really is. Self-care is not just the mainstream 'treating yourself'--the candles, nail painting or shopping spree. Rather, it's learning to accept, to embrace who you are, and simultaneously not beat yourself up.

True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don't need to regularly escape from. 

Similar to a link I shared earlier this year, perhaps balance isn't all it's cut out to be. I plan to bring this idea with me into this new year, reprioritizing what matters to me and reexamining my concept of balance.

Why can't we let go of our old things? This Buzzfeed post reminds me much like when Cora thought out loud. Despite the positive emotions we harbor holding onto our junk whether they be old notebooks or old clothes, there is for negative emotions to linger and clutter our lives too. I'm hoping 2018 will be the year I finally clean up my life.

Learning to abolish the 'chill girl persona,'--the one of feigned disinterest and complacency with whatever

Look like I'll have to postpone making this cheesecake from Broma Bakery until the next fig season 

A brief history of romantic love (and why it kinda sucks)

Finally, how to do a hard reset on all aspects of your life in the new year

How are you bringing in the new year?
What are you letting go of and taking with you to 2018?

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