Recent Eats: November

December 03, 2017

Hi again friends! No fluffy introduction today. Right to November's delicious eats. 

Another reminder that these posts are meant to be inspiration for y'all not a post of comparison. I don't want to make you feel better or worse about yourself. Rather, I want to share things that I've enjoyed and have found worked for my life at the moment. Find what works for you. Another caveat I wanna throw out there is so I try to be as transparent with you about what the meal really looked like and note when I shared it/took it home/didn't finish it/something else along those lines.

Repurposing leftovers:

As we all know, Thanksgiving is the king of leftovers. I threw this (^^^) sandwich together that included turkey and the cranberry dish I made for Thanksgiving/the holiday meal. Added smoked cheddar, collards and carrot chips and called it lunch. Oh, and Harry Potter (DH pt 2!) on the side too to make it even better. 

Also, since I absolutely hate wasting food, I try to repurpose the things I take home after eating out too.  Had dinner out with family earlier in the month at a seafood place. I got the fried catfish plate with cornbread and collards, shared the fish with my sister but ate some shared apps beforehand. Then took home our leftovers and some leftovers of my parents too. Later I reheated the fish and turned into a sandwich with pickles from the local farmer's market (see below). Then I ate the remaining conbread with a baked egg breakfast skillet. 

Sunshine = better pictures AND happier me 

Eating out: 

...or should I say eating outside. On the left are a couple of tacos I had for lunch with a friend at Tacos A Go Go when I was in Houston. Got a create-your-own breakfast taco with spinach, cheese and eggs plus a veggie filled tacos with black beans. On the right, a colorful plate of food from the Ethiopian buffet we ate in Austin. Went back for a little more. 

Farmer's market produce:

There's magic in wandering around farmer's markets, in picking out fruits and veggies, in talking to the local vendors. Here are some of the creations I made with what I picked up: 

A tempeh, sweet potato and radish greens hash...
A persimmon, eggs, cheese and spinach sandwich thing that I felt inspired to make after seeing something (not-so) similar from Joy the Baker...
A savory personal-sized galette with pesto and chard topped with feta...
A repeat of enfrijoladas I had shared in the past using this recipe minus the walnuts plus a generous sprinkle of cheese and side of roasted zucchini...Please also excuse the mess that is my kitchen. 

And finally because I realized I didn't include anything sweet above (the horror!!!), going to end this on a sweet note with this bowl of morning goodness--oatmeal with sunbutter and eye-pleasing persimmon (with an special appearance of my lunch prepping).   

Hope you had a lovely weekend! 

What's your favorite way to use up leftover turkey?
How do you feel about farmer's markets? 
Are you a Harry Potter fan (the only acceptable answer here is yes)? 

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  1. Your meals are looking sooooo beautiful, unique, and impressive! Personal sized galette!? I would have no idea how.

    I've only had a few persimmons in my life but I've seen them around lately. Thank you for the inspiration to pick some up. I remember them being oh so juicy.

    1. Yes, they're one of my absolute favorite fall fruits! Super underrated.