Week in Review: Pre-Nostalgia

December 11, 2017

As I mentioned last week, since next semester is filled with prep courses, this is essentially my last true college semester. Consequently, I've been feeling sentimental. Almost as if I am anticipating the nostalgia I am bound to feel soon, a pre-nostalgia of sorts. Is this actually a thing people feel? Or am I making things up? Similarly, I am filled with slight regret that I maybe didn't make the most of my time here, getting to know the people around me, living the 'traditional college experience,' really pushing myself out of my comfort zone, etc.

Anywho, enough with the feelings, joining Meghan this Monday with a recap of what went down over the past week in case the title wasn't a giveaway enough. 

The face of a someone who finished her last presentation in college
  • Biked over to and sat at a coffee shop for a couple of hours to put in some study time. Looking ahead at the new year, I plan to make doing things like this--for and by myself--more of a priority 
  • Like I said, those 'lasts': gave my final presentation, took my last non-final test and attended my last actual lecture. Now only to make it through my final finals week with 3 upcoming exams 😩 
  • Had brunch with my friend who happens to be my former roommate (from freshman and sophomore year). She's graduating this semester so we went to the dining hall for old time's sake and relive our first year of college. I hadn't been there in forever since it's a) incredibly overpriced, b) meh food, and c) out of the way. Weird to think that it may very well be the last time I go there... 
Breakfast with a side of tax notes

  • Made this lentil and egg dish for a nutrient packed dinner one evening. Definitely enjoying spending time in the kitchen while I can since I'll be gone for almost a month and likely won't be able to cook much. 
  • Finished packing a majority of my stuff for my trip ✔️
  • Also officially done shopping for Christmas gifts! 

  • Attended the holiday party for my accounting program that our directress hosts at her house every year. For future accountants, it is much wilder than it sounds. Sadly, this was the last one for me since my cohort is graduating in the spring, another reason I am feeling sentimental. It's hitting me that in just a few months, these people I see on a regular if not daily basis--even those I'm not close to--I may never see again. Siiiigh
  • Even more in the spirit of the holidays, a couple of friends and I went to see these 'magical winter lights' (yup, that's what they're called) a 45-minute drive away. Definitely magical but also definitely very cold for me. 
  • Baked a buttload of cookies yesterday morning for my professors. Hoping to play Santa and pass them around today! 🎅

Do you ever experience feeling pre-nostalgic? 
What was something fun you did over the weekend? 
How are you getting into the holiday spirit? 

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  1. You're done shopping for Christmas gifts!! Hot damn, I'm impressed and very nearly done with the semester. I can understand the nostalgia. It's normal, but don't have any regrets, just make changes for the future.

    Accountant parties...heh, heh.

    1. Thanks Meghan! And yes we definitely bring the LIFO to the parties.

  2. So many lasts. It's exciting, but I also definitely know what you mean by pre-nostalgia. I hope you're able to enjoy the rest of these lasts and look forward to many new firsts!
    Great job being done with Christmas shopping! That's more (a lot more) than I can say right now. I'm a little behind. And baking all the cookies for your professors! So sweet.
    Good luck on your finals! <3

    1. A great perspective to look at it from. Thank you so much Naomi!

  3. Oh you and I... our brains would have a hey day together. I know the "regret" feeling all too well - of thinking you wished you had done more, met more people etc. etc. etc. The list is always there, and I always have it after any sort of "phase" ends. It's our perfectionist, overtly ambitious way our brains work. Nothing is really ever enough for us, is it? So - I'm trying to learn that this is just how my brain works, and I try to put my eyes into other peoples' heads and see myself from their perspective. Chances are they didn't do "much more" than I did, and chances are they saw me "doing" a lot more than I give myself credit for. From an outside perspective - though not like it helps a lot - I see you doing a tonne, putting yourself out there a tonne, getting involved in SO many areas of your school, and on top of everything being an incredibly wonderful person to all around you. I mean... you just baked a but load of cookies for your profs!

    But on the other hand, let those nostalgic feelings and bits of "regret" in. They are what breathe life into us. Just sway them into an energy that reminds you how special your time has been and to learn the things that really mattered to you, that you want to keep in your future, and what you want to implement more of. There's a LOT more living for you to be able to do just that <3 <3 Love.

    1. AHHH Cora. Always knowing exactly what I need to hear. I never know what to reply to you because of that. So all I can say is: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Especially that part on trying to look from the others' point of view. Nicely put.

  4. I'm sure the pre-nostalgia brings mixed feelings about finishing up, but hopefully there's some excitement and satisfaction for making it to where you are now. I'm only one semester in, and I already feel some of that guilt/regret for not doing more or being more involved. I have a feeling that even the people who we perceive as extremely extroverted and involved have a few of those feelings too.

    Cookie baking and sharing is a sure way to get in the holiday spirit. Your profs are lucky to have you <3

    1. It's extremely bittersweet. As Meghan said, all we can do now is change the things we do have control over. Onward and upward. :)