Week in Review: Currently...

December 04, 2017

Scarce on pictures this week but changing things up again by mashing Meghan's week in review together with a currently-esque post to update you on this week's achievements. In the words of our lovely host, let's get listing! 

Current Eats:

Aside from what I shared yesterday in my monthly recap, I have also been enjoying toast. (Though seriously, when do I not enjoy toast?) Prepared this breakfast for myself last week. Toast two ways to soothe my indecisive heart: avocado + feta and leftover mushroom pate + fried egg + chili flakes

Current Book:

Last week I finished Mitch Albom's The Timekeeper. Also attended November's book club meeting where we read and discussed Poe's poems and short stories. We'll be meeting again in mid-December before the holidays hit for our last book of the year.

One of the many quotes from The Timekeeper that spoke to me:

“When you are measuring life, you are not living it.” 

As the end of the year looms ahead, my book goal is too. Already planning out the rest of my reads including holiday novels: Dickens' A Christmas Carol (the book clue read) and the newer The Deal of a Lifetime

Current Soundtrack/Music:

Uhhh, if you are listening to anything except holidays songs right now you are wrong wrong wrong. But also heard this song on the radio over the weekend and am really digging it. 

Current TV Show/Movie:

My friend and I are now making our way through the Netflix show, Black Mirror. Super creepy and incredibly interesting at the same time. What's even neater about it is that it's an anthology series so you can watch them in any order you please. We finished first season last week and are now moving on with the rest!

The current movie that I wish I had seen is Coco! Have heard only good things about it. Crossing my fingers for a 2-hour-long study break/movie in my future....

Current Confession:

For about a couple of weeks now, I was super frustrated with my past self. Earlier this year (I think July-ish?), I bought some Christmas gifts in advance. Usually Future Me is thanking Past Me for thinking ahead. This time, however, it backfired because for the life of me I could not remember where I put them. So much so that my mom started to get paranoid, thinking she had packed and sent it home by accident. BUT THEN when I was at my parents' yesterday, I was tidying up my room and there it was. I feel terrible for blaming her and making her feel guilty when it was my fault after all. 😭 

Current Bane of Existence:

If you had asked me this a few days ago, I would have said Christmas gift shopping. Mostly because of said confession. So now, it's this waiting game. Waiting for all the presents to arrive so I can wrap, label and actually give them out.

Current Procrastination:

Studying for tests, writing papers, preparing for presentations. What's new.

Current Success:

Parallel parked the other day! 👏   Of course there's no proof of it though. Typically I'll avoid this at all costs--seriously, even if there's an open spot that's closer, I'd typically go out of my way to find a non-parallel spot--but I was in a neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown. Just finding a parking spot in the area was lucky enough.

Then went to a little cafe and a got this chickpea filled empanada. Wandered around for a bit perusing the local stores and streets (Re: the adorable-ness in that first picture), and even knocked out one Christmas gift off the list.

Current Gratitude:

Even with the stress that the end of the semester brings, I am attempting to stay grateful as this is technically my last semester of actual classes; I'll be taking study prep courses and sitting for the accountancy exams in the Spring rather than normal classes.

With every day, there were lasts conquered. For example, my last in-class quizzes or last shifts of work on specific days/times/hours. And there are even more to come this week. Call me crazy but it's kinda bittersweet.

Current Wish: 

I am really really really REALLY hoping to get my own dog this new year. Over the week, I filled up some application forms, talked to adoption agencies and attended a meet & greet. 

Current Excitement:

The (official) last day of classes is on Wednesday! 
My trip to Manila that is less than 2 weeks away!! 
This Christmas season in general!!! 🎄

What's your favorite holiday song? 
Parallel parking -- yay or nay? 
Fill me in on some currentlys of your life! 

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  1. Okay first - parallel parking!! Go YOU! Huge confession on my end? I have not parallel parked ONCE since I got my license (that was over 10 years ago). Okay, I guess once when I had to do my second test for my "full" license, but that was the only time. And even that was more than 5 years ago. I hate parking. Hate...

    Totally understandable that you'd be really frustrated with yourself and also your Mom about not being able to find those gifts you put away. How super frustrating that would have been!!! I would have gotten angry at someone else. It's what we do. I'm glad you found them, and I know that's all your Mom cares about too.

    I've watched a few episodes of Black Mirror. It's super creepy. But good. I like that the episodes are all unique and separate.... as I tend to not be the best with committing to things.

    Continue enjoying all those bittersweet "lasts," as well as the snuggly feelings of the holidays approaching <3

    1. I share those feelings around parking. It gives me SO much anxiety.
      Thanks, Cora! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season too.

  2. Your toast game is on point. Also cheers to this being the last semester. It'll feel so good when you're all done and also a little unnerving starting something new.

    Good luck on the dog search. You can't go wrong with any animal. Pets are the best.

    1. Thanks Meghan!! It will definitely take some getting used to but I'm just ready for all of it to be over with.