Must-Reads of the Week (29)

September 27, 2017

Good morning friends!! And happy Hump Day. I'm counting down the hours before I get to hop on a plane for my weekend trip to New York (approximately 33.5 by the way). Given how often I really should rename this, reads of the month instead. Also, I know I've been a tad quiet on the blog-verse lately but hopefully all these can tide you over until I get return. So in this case, wishing you a happy weekend as well.

A couple of Rachel's recent-ish posts-- How Not to Self-Care and The Privilege of Wellness. How grateful I am to have the problems I do because life could be much worse. Not to say that my problems aren't valid, but perspective is all.

On a semi-related note of self-care, love these boring self-care wins.

Has the Smartphone Destroyed a Generation? Fair warning, it's a lengthy one, but definitely a must-read.

Since the concept of balance is so engrained in our society, this idea that perhaps we actually need less balance gave me something interesting to ponder. Being able to build internal self awareness and the ability to distance yourself from the 'zone,' from the flow to life effectively and wholly. 

"you’ve got to be a minimalist to be a maximalist; if you want to be really good, master and thoroughly enjoy one thing, you’ve got to say no to many others."

A quick and easy lesson for catching and counteracting your negative thoughts. Very DBT-esque.

In short, control is not the cure for your anxiety. Sometimes specifically around food to retain control, to regain control  is to let go of it.

Don't forget to celebrate the miracle that is your body. There's more to it than just your physical exterior.

What our Google search questions are really saying about us

Megan of Apron Strings and Sticky Fingers on learning to embrace your biggest insecurities. 

A little reminder for myself even if i'm not a physically affectionate person (hello quality time love language!) on the power of a hug. 

I can get lost in this visual representation of food seasonality, trend and search patterns for days.

Because we know what time of year it is.. 

From my favorite writer on Thought Catalog, another goodie on self-deprecating habits we're all too familiar with. 

As someone who has never really identified as being maternal, since even when playing pretend as a kid myself I never played the mom (I was the cool, childless aunt), this article on choosing to have a life without kids spoke to me.

Love the analogy that Kylie makes on eating and breathing in regard to supposed willpower around food. To continue, similarly to learning to cultivate awareness of your breath--not control or discipline--, through intuitive eating, we can cultivate awareness around food and eating, so much so that it will become second nature to us.

And lastly, what does the American dream mean to you?

What boring self-care habit did you do today? 
Do you think balance is overrated? 
What food are your looking forward to as the fall season rolls around? I personally can't wait for pomegranates & persimmons!!! 

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  1. Whoa...I had no idea that Rhythm of Food even existed. How awesome is that? It's almost beautiful? Kylie's thoughts were helpful to read today. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend in NY is wonderful!

    1. Right?? I was so mesmerized by it!
      Thanks Vangie!