Must-Reads of the Week (20)

February 03, 2017


In honor of this 20th edition of my must-reads, I shall skip to the good stuff (the links!) and not ramble on about my boring life right now:

1. Finished Gilmore Girls about a week ago (not the revival Netflix episodes yet though so no spoilers please!) Then I came across two lists with ALL the books and movies referred to in the show. LIKE WHAT. Where should I even begin?! There goes my next 50 years... HAHAHA.

2. A little reminder from Cora to keep looking out for the beautiful things in life. BTW, in case you haven't of her blog, My Little Tablespoon, she's a wonderful writer who knows how to say exactly what I'm thinking in a way that I could never describe so eloquently.

3. To all those who are struggling with feeling unaccomplished: this is your life and the life you are living is enough as long as you keep, well, living. (This poem is where that quote's from btw!!)

4. Raise your hand if you too are a people pleaser. 🙋  This article from Verily focuses on checking yourself and finding boundaries for said people pleasing.

"pleasing others is not the same as helping others"

5. Considering what is currently going on in our country and in the entire world, everyone needs to give this video a watch. We are more alike than we seem no matter our race, religion, sexual orientation, age, etc. 

6. Started my hump day off with a smile by watching NPH & James Corden singing broadway tunes in my bed 😁

7. Being alone ≠ feeling lonely

8. At it again with these fun, mindless Buzzfeed quizzes like Which Yoga Pose Matches your Personality? Interesting because it's one of my favorite poses! 🌴🌲🌵

- What is something beautiful that you've recently read/watched/heard/witnessed? 
- How many books/movies from those lists have you read/watched? 
- What is your favorite yoga pose? 

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