Week in Review: Same Old, Same Old

January 23, 2017

Only two weeks into the "real" world of working and I already feel stuck in a routine of sorts: Work, eat, Netflix, sleep, repeat. This must be what adulting is like. Not sure if I dislike it necessarily but it is very difficult for me to stay mindful of what's going on both around me and within me; I feel so tasked-driven rather than feeling or thought-driven. It's alarming. Everything feels so forced, so ordinary. And I don't know how to get out of this rut! As much as I know I am not spontaneous, I prefer structure to routine. I like to know what I have scheduled--no unexpected surprises--though I don't want to do the same thing every. single. day, which is what this feels like.

On that note, my list of accomplishments for this week's Week in Review is basically filled with the usual weekly errands and such so I apologize in advance for a) the same old stuff and b) the lack of pictures!

- Set out clothes for the upcoming week! Hopefully this unpredictable Texas weather calms the freak down.
- Filled up my car with gas ⛽️
- Got some bank issues sorted out and finally deposited my first internship paycheck!
- Listened to a buttload of podcasts including 10% Happier, The Healthy Maven, Ladies Who Lunch and Let It Out with Katie Dalebout.
- Volunteered at the animal shelter again with them doggies and kitties
- Managed to devour most of this Korean feast with my fambam on Saturday night 🍴 🍴 🍴

- Restocked the fridge with goodies from Central Market and H-Mart (local Asian grocery store)
- Used said goodies to meal prep a lil' bit for the week: roasted butternut squash and zucchini and
- Zoomed through reading Rupi Kaur's beautiful poetry book, Milk & Honey

- Finished up the sixth season of Gilmore Girls. I reaaaally wanted to like Logan and I thought he would grow on me. But nope. Someone please tell me there's still hope for Rory & Jess!!! Plus, I'm so frustrated about Luke and Lorelai's relationship. 😫  Ugh.
- Removed my nail polish with ONE remaining cotton ball (with help from toilet paper and Q-tips), which sounds a lot harder than you think especially as was glitter-filled. Seriously, every time I wear glitter nail polish I swear never again then can't seem to learn my lesson.
- Went on a Corner Bakery brunch date with my dear friend, Heather ☺️
- A load of laundry washed, dried & all put away!
- Concocted a sorta fusion shakshuka/fasolakia dish paired with a chunk of leftover homemade bread & feta cheese

Do you prefer routine, structure, neither? 
When a show's plot doesn't go your way to you stick with it til the end or give it up?
Anyone else have issues with glittery nail polish? 

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  1. I do prefer routine, but the adulating world of work, eat, sleep can get a little old during the week. I live for the weekends and wish I could enjoy more out of each day.

    1. I wish I would just live in the now and stop counting down the days, minutes, hours. I feel like I am always waiting for something. 😕

  2. Thoughts: Glitter nail polish is impossible to remove.
    What a beautiful, insightful poem.
    I can totally empathize with being someone who likes routine, but also the rut of being stuck in work is so hard. Really. And it's not something with an easy fix, either. I hope it perks up a bit. Take care of yourself!

    1. I am glad I am not alone with the glittery struggle.
      Thank you, Joyce for your kind words. 💗

  3. Hmmmm. I actually totally understand what you are meaning about routine vs structure. That's a tough one. I do like my routine - in terms of maybe going to a coffee shop, rehearsing, and coming home for an evening of chocolate and netflix on the couch - but the thought of doing the exact.same.thing job-wise every single day is quite soul sucking. I guess it can become easy to go into robot mode and lose a sense of creativity. Soooooo that just means outside of our "jobs" we need to be conscious of filling in those creative gaps: journaling, painting, reading, cooking etc etc. Don't let that spark burn out girl.
    Gilmore Girls - haha. I just finished the 7th season. I hear you. Just you wait though. Some things may come around.
    I love shakshuka but fasolakia?? What is this!?

    1. Yup, I definitely feel my soul being sucked. Life just seems so very non-stop at the moment unfortunately but thanks for the words of wisdom.

      All I can say to that cryptic Gilmore Girls comment:😏
      Also, if you like shakshuka, you'd love fasolakia! De-lish!

  4. While it may be a routine week, it sure looks like a lot of good stuff to me, especially that food spread with the family. Also, I love a little Gilmore Girls. I'm Team Jess all the way too.