Week in Review: Lessons

February 20, 2017

Outside of the stuff I'm getting done at work, I feel quite unaccomplished otherwise. My room is a mess, I've let laundry pile up, food is going to waste, things aren't going all too great on the recovery front, I am not managing my time well, I have forgotten almost every single day this week to take the minimal make-up I wear off, my relationships are foggy, and I am left feeling uninspired.

Through all the happenings in my life this week that have felt "wrong," it struck me that there is accomplishment in making mistakes, too. In just trying even when you are not where you expected to be, when things don't go your way. In accepting and learning and growing and being and living. Join me and Meghan among others for another Week in Review.

Listing time!

Drove all the way to my client in Fort Worth (50 miles away...in the rain...) only to find out that there was a gas leak and we would be working from the office and had to drive all the way back to Dallas (Thankfully, no longer in the rain).

Lesson Learned: Don't want to advocate using your phone while driving, but don't leave your phone on silent if you are. Or actually use your car's Bluetooth features.

Celebrated my kind of spicy V-Day Evening by watching the Bachelor + eating Thai chicken curry

Lesson Learned: You don't need an significant other to have a love-filled Valentine's Day. It is really all about showing love to your own self.

Because of all the driving I've been doing, I had to get refuel and get gas in the middle of the week a couple of times, which is something I never do. But, hey, there were no lines whatsoever!

Lesson Learned: Costco on a Friday morning sure beats Costco on a Sunday afternoon. 

Another spontaneous phone call with a friend. She messaged me asking if I was free one evening. Even though it was nearing my bed time she wanted to talk so I dialled her anyway.

Lesson Learned: There are things more important than sleep and friendships are one of them. 💕

Got my taxes done in under an hour! And months before they're due too!

Lesson Learned: Taking a tax class doesn't make doing them any more fun or entirely understandable for that matter.

Managed to order and picked up dinner for my team three times this week without screwing anyone's orders up👌

Lesson Learned: Eating out every day (especially when it's paid for) won't kill you. Eating two sandwiches in one day is not the end of the world. Eating in <20 minutes is not bad. Eating is eating. Food is just food and can be dang delicious like this kale salad with bacon, berries, nut brittle and a half a roll.

Speaking of good food, the other day I posted some of this month's eats!

After spending a bajillion hours stuck in my car over the work days, I was tired of driving and instead decided to take the train to a local coffee shop. I sat myself down with a blueberry muffin and my laptop for a few hours. Checked some items off the to-do list like responding to a buttload of saved posts to read. ☑️

Lesson Learned: I too am a coffee shop person. Oh, and don't procrastinate replying to blog posts to avoid this piling up nonsense.

Was late for said train.
Missed by ONE minute.
It was literally in my view.
Yet, I did not freak out like I normal would have.

Lesson Learned: It is the weekend. You have time to do things. There is nothing that must to get done really so what's the rush?

Drove my friend to the airport on Saturday afternoon. It was actually the first time I went to the airport in the driver's seat! Quite proud that it only took me an extra 5 minutes to figure out how to the get out of the maze that is DFW airport. 

Lesson Learned: I was honestly considering coming up with an excuse to get myself out of bringing her because I was worried it would set me back from doing things I had "planned" to do. But I asked myself "So what, Kaylee?!" Again, you have time and she would've done the same for you. Plus, this view of the sunset from out the window was breathtaking. 

Lastly, volunteered at the animal shelter again! 😊 😊 😊

Lesson Learned: Everyone should start their week with a picture of a puppy. Have the loveliest of weeks ahead my friends!

What is one thing you learned last week?
Do you like to drive or would you rather take public transportation?
Have you ever excused yourself from doing someone a favor?

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  1. There are lessons everywhere when you take the time to see them. Kudos for you for concentrating on those, especially during a tough week.

    1. Thank you for providing me with a space to reflect on my week and see them!

  2. Thank you for the puppy picture. Agreed--a perfect way to start the week!
    I'm definitely a public transportation person. It helps when the public transportation works right though. It makes me feel good to see so many people on the bus who therefore aren't out in their cars.
    Driving all the way to Fort Worth and back in the rain sounds unfun. Sounds like it's been a bit of a hard week all around. Volunteering at the animal shelter sounds like a great way to deal with with the not-so-great stuff.

    1. Glad to hear that puppy made you happy like it did me :)
      On the bright side of things, I've been powering through my bookmarked podcasts!