Week in Review: Behind Each Cloud...

February 06, 2017


Taking a nod from Ms. Week in Review herself and mixing things up with a Silver Linings edition for this week's WIR. Loved this idea because it allows for spinning the lows from one's week into a positive. Rather than let a slip set me back and worry, I can direct my energy to viewing what I can do in the situation I am in, which is something I have really been trying to do more of. In the midst of my usual laundry/meal prep/outfit plan/dishwashing chores, here are some of the more exciting things I did this week.

Cloud: Not getting to work more than 40 hours during my internship like I had originally thought coming into this internship 😞

Silver Lining: Getting off early on Fridays and getting in that must needed alone time

Cloud: My oatmeal overflowed in the microwave yet again....

Silver Lining: I still got to enjoy my breakfast-for-dinner meal. Made with almond milk and a dash of salt, that had almost a buttery taste to it. Topped with pears, almonds, dates and flaxseed. Simple meal, simply delicious.

Cloud: Feeling disconnected from myself and a little lost recently. I am beginning to question my career goals. The uncertainty of the future is terrifying. More terrifying, I think, is seeing the future that is pretty certain and not necessarily enjoying what I see.

Silver Lining: Finally phoned chatted with three of my bestest friends who are all on the other side of the world (these time zone difference struggles are real). 👯  Even if they were quick and semi-spontaneous calls, hearing their advice, their voices was enough. It's amazing that with how different our lives are, our struggles are all too parallel.

Cloud: There were so many people at the yoga class I signed up for, which typically puts me on edge. I feel like everybody is watching me. 😳   Not the best state of mind when you are trying to focus on your breath and relax.

Silver Lining: Managed to stay intentional with my practice. Came out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this weekend!

Cloud: It looks like I am on a streak of cooking-fails recently (see oatmeal above). I had an expiring container of cottage cheese to use up and decided to make fritters with it ending up as a gloopy mess rather than fritter shaped. I'm guessing it was a lack scarcity of flour.

Silver Lining: Was able to salvage my creation and it turned out even better than expected.

Cloud: There were literal clouds all day on Saturday. ☁️  And the weather was blah, which usual means I feel kinda blah too. As I leave work after the sun has gone down, I am in terrible need of Vitamin D. It's frustrating that when I can actually go outside, there is no sun to soak in. Boo.

Silver Lining: Attended this pop-up restaurant that served Laotian cuisine. Though we had to sit outside with the chilly air, the company and food (I had crispy coconut rice & tofu lettuce wraps!) made up for my lack of appropriate clothing. And the weather this week is going to be pretty gosh darn gorgeous and totally un-winter esque.

Cloud: I promised a couple of friends that I would go out with them over the weekend. And if it wasn't already apparent from my previous posts, that is not my scene. At. All. I would much rather spend the evening in, playing board games or watching lame movies. So Saturday night, I was feeling slightly (okay, extremely) anxious and trying to think of reasonable excuses to bail on them again.

Silver Lining: Went out anyway despite my hesitations and enjoyed it more than I thought I would though I would still opt for a 🍷 & cheese night over shots any day.

Cloud: As a consequence of this "wild" night out, I got to bed at 3:00 in the morning, waaaaaay past my normal bed time. 😴 😴 😴

Silver Lining: Allowed myself to a) take a nap the afternoon before going out and b) stay in bed much longer than usual the following morning

Cloud: Had to bring some work home with me

Silver Lining: Getting to multi-task and watch America's Next Top Model with this two-screen situation going on. Plus, how can I complain about working in PJs!!!! I seriously need to get another screen for my personal use.

Have you ever tried Laotian food? What is one type of food you've always wanted to try?
What was your worst recipe fail?
Are you more productive when you work from home? 
Any tips for coordinating phone calls/dates/meet-ups with friends? 
What is one cloud & silver lining from your weekend?  

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  1. I love the silver linings. They really are there when we stop to take a moment and see them. I'm glad you had a good time out with your friends, even if it's not your typical scene. I'm also glad you were able to catch up with your other friends around the globe. I have family in Brussels and the struggle to connect with the time zones is real.

    That Loatian food looks amazing.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. It definitely forces one to live in the present and be mindful of where your thoughts are taking you.

      The Laotian food was as amazing as it looks.

  2. I ALWAYS overflow my oatmeal. It's in that one second I look away. I love that you got to have some downtime despite not getting to work more than 40 hours. One cloud: my husband totaled his car (that was more like a monsoon than cloud). One silver lining: we now have a new (used) car with less miles on it! : )

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone. I swear it happens every single time!!!
      Sorry to hear about the car but glad you're keeping a positive mindset 👍

  3. I think I need to do a silver linings post at some point, too. I admire your determination to have this mindset, amidst all the little hiccups and bumps this week offered you.
    I'm sorry you are still feeling some not-so-inspired feelings about your career path. Its a really scary and confusing thing around this time. But know that... nothing is ever written in stone. Some people go from a law degree to a dentist, or a minister to a plumber. Just keep all the doors open and know that you will find where you are supposed to be. In the meantime I do hope you find some enjoyment in your work. And keep up with the friend dates, good food and silver linings!

    1. Thank you for the lovely advice, Cora. I need to remember that only time will tell where I will go and that admitting that I am unhappy or not as happy as I thought I would be doesn't mean I have somehow failed.

  4. I like this idea for a post a lot, too.
    I can totally relate to your full yoga class struggle. I find it awkward to be so close to people--and it gets so hot, too!
    Oh, overflowing oatmeal. I feel like there are two options when I make oatmeal in the microwave--either I undercook it, or it floods the bowl. Blargh!
    Glad you got to get out with friends. I'm with you--I'd take wine over shots any day.
    68 in February blows my mind! Hope you're enjoying it. :)

    1. All the props to Meghan for the idea!
      Yes, bumping into others while stretching and doing poses is so awkward too 😖

  5. I too get inspired by your post and I don’t have any silver linings yet. Your full yoga class struggle is something which every individual go through means I have also gone through. Want to read more post from your side waiting for that.

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  6. Sorry you’re not getting in as many hours at the internship as you’d leek, but that alone time is so good for your mental health! And you deserve to priority that!

    1. Yes, for sure! By the end of it, I was grateful to not be working such crazy hours because I had more time to do stuff for myself. Things always happen for a reason. 😊