Recent Eats: February

February 18, 2017

To make up for the recipe post scarcity on the blog, I wanted to share some of eats this month, both restaurant food and stuff I scavenged together at home. Some breakfasts, work lunches, quick dinners.

Before I dive in,  I want to be as real and open and authentic with y'all as I can be about this post, about where I am in my eating disorder recovery, about my eating in general. That's why I'm going to mention if I split/finished the meal or not. I don't want to pretend that I am not struggling because I undoubtedly am. Remaining focused on recovery has been extremely difficult with my internship right now. Being surrounded by people for 80% of my day is rough. Plus, there are a lot of potentially triggering conversations that stem from this diet/healthy-eating/thin-ideal society that we live in. More than anything, I think I wanted to post this for myself as a reminder

I also need to put this caveat out there that this is not meant to be a post of comparison--far from it. I want to make your mouth water, give you some meal inspiration and share my love of food with you. I am honestly not a good model for your eating habits nor should I be one. You have your own body, mind, feelings, life. We are two different people. 

Spot the odd man out--the only picture I took with a legit camera rather than my phone: this ultra spicy turkey burger

(Shared with my dearest mother and had some of those sweet potato fries and fried green beans making a background appearance on the side)

Threw together a mish mash of things in a bowl: oven fried polenta, zucchini and onions, smashed avocado, white beans and salsa

Acai and pitaya bowl topped with granola and tamarind candy 

Picked up some baked goods for my coworkers one morning including this lovely almond croissant

(Split it with my coworker so this is only half of the delicious pastry)

Miso glazed salmon -- TOO easy

Spanikopita + spanikopita omelette (spinach + feta) + strawberries

Cucumber, avocado, goat cheese -- classic combo

Chile pecan ice cream + mangoes

Pumpkin freezer waffle with ❤️-shaped strawberries and chocolate dusted yogurt with cacao nibs to celebrate Vday

Avocado, hummus and balsamic mushrooms on olive bread for a quick work lunch

Taking a nod from Sarah and freezing my pear Siggi's for a late night snack
Baked egg in an avocado with salsa and leftover roll and zucchini

Falafel salad + unpictured pita bread and a spicy eggplant dip

(Only ate half of the salad and falafel and took home the rest) 

Kale, acorn squash and horseradish cheese quesadilla on corn tortillas

What have you got going on this weekend?
What do you think of this style of post? Should I make recent eats a monthly thing?
Name your classic combos as of late! 

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  1. Well I just got like 10 new ideas, wow.
    Miso glazed salmon (or miso glazed anything) is THE BEST.
    I am on a huge goat cheese kick but I've never thought of this combination with cucumbers!!
    I've been wanting to try baked eggs in an avocado for a long time now. I have to find out how to do it again.
    Lastly - that is the most unique, coolest sounding quesadilla combination. Makes me want to go get horseradish.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post even if my low-quality pictures didn't do the meals justice 😬
      YEEES try baked eggs in the avocado. It's too easy!!