Thinking Out Loud: Peaceful Podcast & The Mood Elevator

January 19, 2017

Thanks for joining me as I link up with Amanda and try to think out loud. I haven't done one of these in a quite some time (*cough* 4 months *cough*) but was suddenly inspired earlier this week.

With this 9-to-5 type job where I am essentially sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen all day long, it is hard for me to really be mindful. Then when I get home the last thing I want to do is sit in my feelings and think. It is too exhausting. Even right at this moment, I am struggling to write. There have been so many swirling, fleeting thoughts in my mind but I haven't been able to capture them fast enough in word form. In any case, I am attempting to push through the writer's block, hence this post.

"The reason time moves so slowly when we're young is because everything's new, and we're taking it in for the first time. And when we get older we're actually not observing the world in a vital way anymore. And then things just speed up because we're not taking it in."

On the train ride home from work on Monday (yes, I sadly did not have a long weekend 😥), I listened to the 10% Happier Podcast Episode featuring Josh Radnor (that's where that ^^^ quote is from). Knowing what I know of his character on How I Met Your Mother, it was odd to hear "Ted Mosby" talk about his meditation practice, finding sustainable peace within and success not based on fame.

Listening to the podcast struck something in me because I have been feeling out of touch lately; everything seems to be passing me by, I am observing and absorbing life like I would like to. But on the train I was able to just sit there and stay mindful, present, grateful, curious. Despite there being people around me, for the first time in weeks, I felt at peace.

Love love love Recovery Warriors

As I was doing my intern training, I came across another aspect of mindfulness that I feel will come in handy to stay present particularly as I continue to work. Part of the company's culture, which is seriously refreshing for an accounting firm, is this concept of a mood elevator, a tool to aid in checking in with yourself and gauge where you are in the moment.

Throughout the day, the point you're at on the elevator will vary, up and down we go; it's near impossible to be on the same floor constantly. At our most ground level, we are curious. The goal is not to stay out of the red zone but more to know when you are in the red zone and respond accordingly, inching up towards at least curiosity. It's at these higher "floors" where you are most productive and function at your best.

What I love about this is that at the top is not happiness, is not joy, as you might expect. But rather, it's the feeling of gratitude. And this gratitude for me, I think, closely relates to the feeling of peace. If we can find appreciation and be thankful for the present moment, we can find peace. We can slow down even on a moving train.

P.S. I know this is all over the place today and nothing relates but that's essentially a sneak peak inside my brain! Til' next time y'all ✌️

- Do you ever forget that celebrities aren't their characters? 😂
- What are ways you check-in with how you are feeling during the day especially at work/in class?
- How do you deal with writer's block or rather a surplus of thoughts and scarcity of words?  
- Where are you right now on the elevator? 

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