Week in Review: Last of 2016

January 02, 2017

Hello from the other side of the new year! Hope your celebration was lovely however which way you spent it. Mine was reeeeeaaally low-key spent at my aunt's snacking on some food, wearing PJs & Ugg-like boots and snuggling with the cutest doggy. To continue this celebration/reflection of the new year, I'm linking up with Meghan for another Week in Review. Here are the things I got done in the last week of 2016:

- Wrote out thank you notes for my Christmas gifts I got; since as long as I can remember, my mom has had my sister and I write down who gave what in these little booklets as we open our gifts to potentially thank the gifters afterwards. I honestly never done it growing up but to better adult, I wanted to actually do them this year. So there's checking that off!
- Finished my 52nd book of the year on the 31st just in the nick of time to complete my annual goal. WOO! 🙌

- Literally cranked out some homemade noodles. Ate mine with pesto and italian sausage topped with cheese. Yumyumyum
- Finished the 1st season of crazy ex girlfriend with my mama. Super, super cringe inducing show; if you can't handle awkward situations like my sister (s/o if you're reading sissy ❤️) seriously don't watch it
- Made these delicious date & walnut bites. basically just threw dates, walnuts, ginger, vanilla and turmeric into my new food processor (!!!) and pulsed away.
- Successfully devoured an entire seemingly child-sized carrot cake pancake by myself

- Updated my new planner with birthdays & anniversaries
- Unloaded the dishwasher a few times which seems to magically fill up the exact second after
- Went out to watch La La Land the day the morning after Christmas. Good movie but much sadder than expected. 😞  On another note, they have the soundtrack on Spotify and it's totally fun to jam out to.

- Also made mini chocolate chip & pumpkin bundts loosely based off of Izy's recipe. Subbed with coconut oil and dark chocolate
- Picked up the crochet needle again and am in the process of making a hat. Hopefully this will continue over the 363 days
- Beat my sister and cousin in an intense battle of Marvel Munchkin
- After months of letting them sit there, I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and stained slabs of wood. Time to make them look like these shelves!

What good movies have you seen at the theater recently? 
Do you keep a planner? 
Have you ever made your own pasta from scratch?

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  1. What a wonderfully productive week, filled with lots of lovely things. I think crocheting sounds wonderful; I've recently started making string bracelets again so I can appreciate your reclaimed skill. Also my dishwasher magically reloads itself too. :)

    Happy New Year

    1. I like that it keeps my hands busy! Ooooh, what kind of string bracelets? Happy new year to you too, Meghan!

  2. Holy moly!! Look at all the things you did! Wow. I am so impressed by your 52 book goal. And that you made pasta and are making your own shelves! I think its so wonderful that you write out who gave you what gifts and then make them thank you cards. Your mother is a brilliant woman to have you do this.... its something we should all do.
    I was into crocheting a couple years ago but haven't touched my needle since. My supplies are just sitting in my closet and I keep thinking I need to return to them. Maybe in a few months when I'm less busy... hmmmm...
    Happy New Year m'dear!

    1. AW, Cora! You never fail to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you. ❤️
      My mother is definitely a brilliant woman. Happy new year!