Week in Review: Remains of Summer

August 20, 2018

And there goes another two weeks.... I am 100% not ready for the summer to be winding down. In these weeks, I've been soaking up as much of the warmer weather and ice cream while I can. Headed to Colorado at the end of the week too for a road trip and final vacation before the "real world" starts in a month or so! Thanks to Meghan for today's linkup! 

  • Went to the lake apparently in Oklahoma about an hour away from Dallas. Brought a picnic of foods for lunch! Carrot sticks, crackers, cheese, salami, fresh fruit, kombucha. Can it get any more summer than that?? 

  • Won a couple more escape rooms, which made it three in the span of one week! Including one for my friends' combined bachelor bachelorette party.
  • Joined in on the fun with my first Fab Finds Friday post! 
  • Took a walk with a view of the summer sky whilst listening to a Modern Love podcast episode.
  • Got my car cleaned and polished as well as my nails!

  • ..as well as this date sweetened ice cream after a headache of a process. After I opened it for the first time, I unfortunately discovered that the ice cream attachment doesn't fit my mini kitchenmaid mixer. Luckily, it fit my mom's older model and we were still able to enjoy homemade ice cream. Consistency is a little off but flavor is a 10/10. Not bad for a first attempt if I do say so my self. 
  • Got a hair cut! 
  • Attended the final musical of our summer season passes, School of Rock!! 
  • Went to the wedding of aforementioned friend. AKA my 2nd wedding ever (the first being when I was a flower girl 15 years ago) and 1st adult wedding.

  • Finally, just this past Saturday didn't totally suck at mini golf-ing. 

Have you been to a lot of weddings in your adult life? 
Are you a pro mini-golfer?
What are you looking forward to this week? 

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  1. I am 100% not ready for summer to be over too! I enjoyed reading about your week - especially the date ice cream. Date-anything sounds yummy!

  2. We are all about picnics over here too. Ave loves them and the clean up is significantly easier for me. I don't want summer to end. :)

    Weddings as adults are so much fun...dancing, food, booze, great company. What's not to love.

    1. Got to sneak a few more picnics in before the weather gets too cold!